Braun-Pivet criticizes Macron’s decision – L’Express

Braun Pivet criticizes Macrons decision – LExpress

President Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed Monday June 10, the day after his decision to dissolve the National Assembly, that he had “confidence in the ability of the French people to make the fairest choice” during the early elections which will be held in three weeks.

“I have confidence in the ability of the French people to make the fairest choice for themselves and for future generations. My only ambition is to be useful to our country that I love so much,” he said. he declared on X.

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⇒ Macron has “confidence” in “the French people”

⇒ Braun-Pivet criticizes Macron’s decision

⇒ Anticipated legislative elections: Bardella “will lead the RN campaign”

Braun-Pivet criticizes Macron’s decision

“There was another path, which was the path of a coalition, of a government pact,” said the outgoing President of the National Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet on Monday, after the decision of the President of the Republic of dissolve the Assembly.

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Asked about her own candidacy for the legislative elections, Yaël Braun-Pivet said she was thinking about it. She said she was in favor of “agreements”, “the broadest possible coalitions”, believing that we “need to cooperate with the Senate, with the President of the Senate, with the LR and also cooperate with the socialists, the ecologists”.

Legislative: Bardella “will lead the RN campaign”

During the June elections, Jordan Bardella “will lead the RN campaign”, but will not be a candidate in the early legislative elections, indicated Sébastien Chenu, spokesperson for the National Rally (RN).

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Faure calls for a “popular front against the far right”

The first secretary of the socialist party Olivier Faure called on Monday for “the constitution of a popular front against the extreme right” in the early legislative elections of June 30, taking up the proposal launched the day before by the rebellious deputy François Ruffin.

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“The far right is no longer simply at the gates of power (but) has got its foot in the door” after its large victory in the European elections on Sunday, estimated Olivier Faure on franceinfo, judging that with less than 15% of the votes “the macronie (is) beyond any capacity to put up a barrier” and that consequently “only the left remains”.