Brand new Joker movie starring Breaking Bad star is being pulled from circulation shortly after premiere and that’s the explanation

Brand new Joker movie starring Breaking Bad star is being

After the Joker hit with Joaquin Phoenix, another film should see the light of day, the one very own approach to the history of its origin of the most iconic Batman villain.

At the recent Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) there was a film called The People’s Joker in the program that also featured Bob Odenkirk. That title has now been removed and there is a specific reason behind it.

Watch a video duel between the previous Joker stars here:

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New Joker movie canceled due to legal issues

Deadline reports that Vera Drew’s The People’s Joker has been dropped entirely from the TIFF schedule. An official statement indicated a rights issue. Warner, unsurprisingly, objectsthat the DC brand around Batman and Joker is used for a small independent film without being asked.

The canceled Joker film’s story, similar to the Todd Phillips version, is about an aspiring but unsuccessful stand-up comedian who goes insane. Vera Draw’s vision, on the other hand, is a transgender story and is presented as queer coming-of-age film classified.

Here’s a (rather wacky) impression of The People’s Joker:

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Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk also has a small role in The People’s Joker. Vera Drew spoke to Collider about how the performance came about:

I actually have [Tim] Heidecker called and said: ‘Can you do one of your [Gefälligkeiten] redeem? I’m sure you have a limited amount of favors left with him.’ And he made it possible and I had a phone call with Bob, and it was literally a half-hour phone call where we talked about the role, and that was really cool. He listened to me babble on about all my lofty ideas about this illegal film, and his only request was, ‘I do it. I want to do it. I think it’s great. I think you’re great but make me look kinda shitty Give me a big scar, anything. Because I don’t want people to be like, ‘Oh, it’s cool, Bob’s in it, blah, blah, blah.’

Since Vera Drew deliberately took the risk of making an illegal Joker film without rights clearance, we’ll probably never see The People’s Joker. It’s a pity really, because the wacky flick looks like an exciting alternative to the other DC projects.

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