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Charlotte Kalla was born on 22 July 1987 and will therefore turn 36 in the summer of 2023.

Charlotte Kalla’s height – how tall is she?

Charlotte Kalla agrees Eurosport 162 centimeters tall.

Charlotte Kalla’s parents – who are her mother and father?

Charlotte Kalla’s mother’s name Lena Kalla and is 58 years old and Charlotte’s father’s name is Per-Erik Kalla and is 59 years old.

Charlotte Kalla’s family – who are her sisters Christelle and Cecilia?

Charlotte Kalla has two younger sisters: one is named Cecilia Kalla and was born in 1989 and the other sister’s name is Christelle Kalla and was born in 1991.

Charlotte Kalla and the Tour de ski – how many times did she win?

Charlotte Kalla won the Tour de ski in the 2007-2008 season and it is the only time she has won.

Charlotte Calla’s partner – who is Fredrik Karström’s boyfriend?

Charlotte Kalla has been with her boyfriend Fredrik Karström since 2019. The boyfriend is two years younger than Charlotte and works as a broker.

Charlotte Kalla’s house – where does she live?

Charlotte Kalla lives with her boyfriend Fredrik in a large house in Sidsjö/Sallyhill in Sundsvall. Here you can read more about Charlotte Kalla and her boyfriend Fredrik Karström’s house.

Charlotte Kalla is expecting a baby – when did she tell you she was pregnant?

Charlotte Kalla revealed on February 24 on her Instagram that she and her partner are expecting a child. “We are happy, expectant and happy,” she wrote on her Instagram at the time.

In an interview with Mama, Charlotte Kalla has told more about the pregnancy.

– It’s great to start feeling kicks! It’s so tangible, I’m fascinated by it. That one so small can make itself known in that way, she added the newspaperand went on to talk about the advice she’s received since ending her pregnancy:

– Many people have come up with advice. Many have also asked if they can offer advice. But I took the train here last Friday, and it felt unusual when a stranger asked how it was and I said “it’s good” but then pointed to my stomach and said “but I mean that one”. It felt a little… Unusual. I’m used to questions about form, but this felt almost too private.

What is Charlotte Kalla’s name on Instagram?

On Instagram, Charlotte Kalla is @kalla_87.

Charlotte Kalla in Let’s Dance 2023

Charlotte Kalla is in “Let’s Dance” 2023 on TV4. Where she competes together with the dancer Tobias Karlsson.

Let’s Dance 2023: Participants competing in the TV4 programme

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