Boxer Jonna Hakkarainen’s harassment case is being processed again – “I feel relieved and satisfied”

Jonna Hakkarainen 21 who reported her harassment as a coach

Jonna Hakkarainen, who filed a harassment report against his ex-coach, tells Urheilu that his earlier complaint will be re-examined.

Boxer Jonna Hakkarainen, 21, heard happy news on Tuesday after a long time. His earlier complaint about the resolution of his ex-coach’s harassment case had been passed by the Sports Legal Protection Board. The matter will be brought to the table again.

– It was so easy to receive the information by email and to hear that my (harassment) case is now getting the proper investigation that it would have deserved from me in the first place. This would fix the whole thing. The feeling is relieved and satisfied, describes Hakkarainen.

Hakkarainen could not yet say how the process is progressing now and on what schedule. On January 24, he filed a report with the Finnish Sports Ethics Center in Suek, from where the case was transferred to the joint disciplinary committee of martial arts on January 28.

Sports law expert Olli Rauste had previously stated to that martial arts have their own disciplinary regulations and their own joint disciplinary body. The regulations stipulate that the committee is a body that also investigates suspected violations.

– I would have liked Suek to investigate the matter. This goes to the martial arts disciplinary committee, because there was the original decision, Hakkarainen confirms.

“Original treatment ridiculous”

In January, Hakkarainen filed a harassment report against his former coach, after which the disciplinary process lasted almost half a year. The decision of the martial arts disciplinary committee came on June 13. It was negative from Hakkarainen’s point of view.

According to the disciplinary committee, Hakkarainen’s former coach was not guilty of unsportsmanlike behavior in the Tammer tournament in January.

The cases before that were not even investigated by the disciplinary committee, because the regulation article watered it down. They had not been notified within the one-week deadline. The coach accused of harassment worked as Hakkarainen’s coach for five years.

– As far as I understand, we are now investigating the whole. The original handling of the story was absolutely ridiculous to me. I hope they don’t dare to repeat the case a second time, Hakkarainen states.

– Now it came from someone in black and white that a mistake had been made. It was already a big deal to me.

Hakkarainen said in the summer that he had been in more pain in the past six months than in the past five years. Reliving the incident was mentally taxing, and it gave the athlete migraine attacks and headaches.

– I have felt better when the matter has not been brought up. About a month ago, there was a bit of a backlash, when the Legal Security Board became my ex-coach’s counterpart in the matter. I couldn’t even read it right away. It was practically seven pages of my rant. However, everything is fine now. The matter is progressing, and there is no need to know anything extra, Hakkarainen adds.

Hakkarai, who is aiming for the Paris Olympics in 2024, has a tough autumn coming up. He will go to Italy next Sunday for an international boxing camp, and a week from now, the EC competitions in Montenegro will be on the way.

– Now it’s nice to think about these (sports) things in peace, which is what it should be, Hakkarainen is happy.

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