Bose Ultra Open Earbuds with open structure were officially introduced

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Open ear headphones Bose Ultra Open Earbuds The official launch for has been made in full today. The product has been used before brought.

In the first stage only kith Wireless headphone model shown with Bose Ultra Open Earbuds, It was fully introduced today. Sounds like “by pinchingIt is worn and allows the surroundings to be heard easily due to its open structure (there is no part that goes into the ear). $299 productIt comes with a standard charging box and is available in black and white colors. as one The product is announced to have a usage life of 7.5 hours., due to its open structure, does not appeal to everyone and unfortunately cannot offer multiple Bluetooth connections. At the same time Product that does not support wireless chargingAccording to the first reviews, it falls short in terms of bass and loses serious usage time when the spatial sound infrastructure called Immersive Audio is turned on. In this mode, single use time falls below 5 hours, but A total of 19 hours can be spent with the charging box.


It is definitely the most striking headset of the last period with its open structure. It has become a Huawei FreeClip model. To remind you, it is prepared in two different colors and has a price of 5 thousand TL in Türkiye. Huawei FreeClip The wireless headset model comes with a standard-looking charging chamber, but it has its own shape. It is nothing like the company’s previous models.

The product, which wraps around the ear from the side and looks like an earring, focuses on continuous use throughout the day. because it is designed in an open structure. Thanks to this infrastructure, the headset does not have any sound isolation. In other words, it allows the environment to be heard as it is while listening to music. FreeClipbasically places a speaker in front of the ear, reportedly the only one 8 hours, with charging chamber Brings a battery life of up to 32 hours. The interesting product, which takes 40 minutes to fully charge and offers 3 hours of listening with 10 minutes of charging, has an IP54 certificate and is offered for sale at the end of December for 200 euros.