Borne not so easy to return, a noticeable absence at Léotard’s funeral…

Borne not so easy to return a noticeable absence at

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Richard Ferrand, victim of cancel culture!

Hide this former president who cannot be seen! Since Yaël Braun-Pivet was elected to the Perchoir, the Bourbon Palace has not had time to update everything, so that on some brochures published by the National Assembly still appears the face of his predecessor, Richard Ferrand . It was therefore decided to send these old things to the pestle. Fortunately, some were saved and landed on the offices of L’Express. As for the educational film of about ten minutes shown to visitors before starting the excursion in the corridors of parliament, it was simply shelved for several months. The images of President Braun Pivet had not yet been shot and edited… Cut!

At Léotard’s funeral, a very noticeable absence

The mayor of Fréjus David Rachline was not present, at the Saint-Léonce cathedral on Wednesday May 3, for the last farewells of François Léotard, former minister of Jacques Chirac and above all the first city councilor of the city for twenty years.

Officially, the vice-president of the RN was “retained” by the festivities of May 1, according to his cabinet. However, David Rachline did not set foot in Le Havre, where the far-right party was celebrating its Nation Day. According to our information, Léotard’s family had asked that the mayor RN not speak. Annoyed, David Rachline preferred to skip the event.

Elisabeth Borne, not so easy to dismiss

Is it more difficult to appoint a woman to Matignon… or to dismiss her? It is a female member of the government who says it about a possible departure of Elisabeth Borne: “To get a woman out, you will have to write a story, whatever it is. It is a factor that complicates the Emmanuel Macron’s decision.”

Larcher is waiting for Darmanin at the turn…

An anti-thug law, as mentioned by Gérald Darmanin and Eric Dupond-Moretti? This will not help relations between the government and the Senate. Gérard Larcher does not want to hear about it, he who has already denounced in the past – including during Nicolas Sarkozy’s five-year term – “the laws of drive”. For the president of the High Assembly, “we do not make laws on Wednesday in relation to the events of the previous Sunday”.

… and also The Mayor

The Senate must soon re-examine the public finance programming bill for the years 2023 to 2027, which had already strained relations between the executive and Parliament at the end of 2022. Gérard Larcher warns: “If we do not hold any take into account our orientations, there will be a problem. [les ministres] get used to listening, otherwise too bad for them!” The threat of a 49.3, which Elisabeth Borne says she no longer wants to use, hovers again. This Thursday, in the office of the President of the Senate, was the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire…