Boost the speeds at home with the new Wi-Fi 7 routers from TP-Link!

Boost the speeds at home with the new Wi Fi 7

TP-Link launches two new mesh systems based on the new Wi-Fi 7 standard. On the program: ceiling-breaking speeds, ultra-wide coverage, lower latency, interference and congestion, all for a clear increase in the reliability of your home wireless connection.

TP-Link enriches its range of Wi-Fi mesh Deco systems with two new products, equipped with a particularity: they are compatible with the latest Wi-Fi 7 standard, a first for devices intended for the general public. This evolution of the standard promises much higher speeds, lower latency, a more reliable wireless connection and a greater ability to manage a large number of devices on the same network. The Deco BE85 and Deco BE65 bring the new features and performance of Wi-Fi 7 to our homes to provide the most advanced wireless experience on the market.

Already twice as fast as Wi-Fi 6

In theory, Wi-Fi 7 is capable of reaching monstrous speeds of up to 46 Gb/s, 4.8 times more than the maximum speed allowed by Wi-Fi 6 and its 9.6 Gb/s . The new Deco BE85 mesh system can deliver up to 19 Gb/s, i.e. speeds twice as high as those offered by Wi-Fi 5 at the maximum of its faculties. Each generation of Wi-Fi does not necessarily revolutionize uses, but Wi-Fi 7 is clearly one of those that will upset our daily lives by extending the field of possibilities.

THE TP-Link Deco BE85 supports the three frequency bands used by Wi-Fi 7. On the band used most recently, that of 6 GHz, which is also the least congested, the Deco BE85 can go up to 11,520 Mb/s Data rates can reach the thresholds of 5,760 Mb/s on the 5 GHz band and 1,376 Mb/s on the 2.4 GHz frequency band. The latter is certainly not the fastest, but its main usefulness is to offer a very large range and to effectively cross the obstacles present in the house. This is convenient for portable devices such as smartphones and tablets that will be used anywhere in the home and for terminals located further from the router or a satellite.

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The TP-Link Deco BE65 presents less flashy performance, but all in all very solid and can meet the needs of many users. It also works on the three frequency bands of Wi-Fi 7 and offers speeds of up to 9 Gb / s in total, which many Wi-Fi 6 routers are unable to deliver.

Very high speeds, everywhere in the house

By combining three units of Deco BE85, it is possible to cover an area of ​​1400 m² divided between two floors. In each room where a Deco BE85 has been installed by wired link, the devices can receive 8 to 9 Gb/s of wireless speeds, the speed gradually decreasing with distance. In the case of a wireless link, with the installation of a satellite in a floor for example, the speeds remain very high, oscillating between 3 and 4 Gb/s, an impressive performance taking into account the walls and the ceiling separating the main router satellite.

A mesh system made up of three Deco BE65s makes it possible to provide a quality connection to a space of 725 m². For both, more than 200 devices can be connected simultaneously to the Wi-Fi 7 network to access the internet.

TP-Link has also planned everything to provide your most important devices (computer, Smart TV, TV box, game console, etc.) with the fastest and most reliable connection possible via Ethernet RJ45. The Deco BE85 is distinguished by the integration of a combined 10 Gb/s WAN/LAN port capable of converting fiber data into Ethernet cable data with an SFP module. It is also equipped with a standard 10 Gb/s WAN/LAN connector and two 2.5 Gb/s WAN/LAN ports. With all this, you will have no trouble supplying your most demanding devices with speed. The Deco BE65 has four 2.5 Gb/s ports.

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To top it off, the Deco BE85 is even entitled to its USB 3.0 port, which allows you to connect a USB key or an external hard drive and to share your files more easily through devices connected to the network. It also supports Google Home and Amazon Alexa home automation environments.

New features to stabilize and make connections faster

TP-Link’s two mesh systems incorporate new technologies that help make Wi-Fi 7 much more efficient than its predecessors, beyond simply increasing speeds. Channel size doubles to expand to spectrum up to 320 MHz (on the 6 GHz band). Twice the bandwidth means more simultaneous transmissions at the fastest possible speeds, and therefore an overall increase in your network performance and experience on your connected devices.

Multi-Link Operation (MLO) is also part of the new features introduced with Wi-Fi 7. This feature allows data to be sent and received simultaneously on different frequency bands and channels on the same device. You read that right: you can now use 6, 5 and 2.4 GHz at the same time on a terminal. Through this, speeds will be higher, latency reduced and connection reliability improved.

Wi-Fi 7 is also moving to 4K-QAM, which involves the transport of 12 bits of data per symbol instead of 10 bits, i.e. transmission rates 20% higher than those of Wi-Fi 6. We also have Multi -RU, which makes full use of each available resource by combining them and allocating them to the devices that need them, bringing greater flexibility in spectrum resource planning.

More than much stronger theoretical speeds, Wi-Fi 7 tackles interference, congestion issues and reduced latency to take the wireless connectivity standard into another world. What to play online, practice cloud gaming or cloud computing and watch video content in 4K/8K quality in peace.

Find them Deco BE85 and Deco BE65 from TP-Link at Boulanger, which markets the two mesh systems boosted with Wi-Fi 7 exclusively for France.