Boom in house prices in Naples: up 11.5% in one year

Boom in house prices in Naples up 115 in one

(Finance) – Il real estate market in Naples shows a sharp increase, with the prices of homes used which rose by 2.6% in the first quarter, bringing the average to 2,823 euros per square meter. This increase corresponds to an increase of 11.5% compared to the previous year, highlighting the liveliness of the residential sector in the Neapolitan city. The trend of prices varies considerably between the 10 areas monitored by idealista: while 5 recorded an increase, another 4 saw a decrease.
Between areas with more significant increases in the quarter, we find Pianura-Soccavo-Camaldoli (2.5%), Centro Storico (1.5%) and Poggioreale-Vicaria (1.3%). Capodimonte-Materdei-San Carlo all’Arena and Ponticelli-San Giovanni a Teduccio also showed an increase of 0.2%. On the contrary, the districts of Secondigliano-Capodichino and Chiaiano-Zona Ospedaliera-Scampia recorded decreases of -4.6% and -2.8% respectively. After the winter months, the coveted neighborhoods of Vomero-Arenella (-0.8%) and Posillipo-Chiaia-San Ferdinando (-0.3%) also mark a setback.

Always Posillipo-Chiaia-San Ferdinando it is confirmed as the most expensive neighborhood in the city, with an average price of 4,705 euros. Followed by the districts of Vomero-Arenella (4,048 euros/m2), Fuorigrotta-Bagnoli (2,730 euros/m2) e Old Town (2,509 euros/m2). The other six neighborhoods analyzed by idealista have prices ranging between 2,324 euros per square meter of Capodimonte-Materdei-San Carlo all’Arena and 1,379 euros per square meter of Ponticelli-San Giovanni a Teduccio, the cheapest area for purchasing a house at the foot of Vesuvius.

Second Vincenzo De TommasoHead of Research at idealista: “The real estate market in Naples is reaching record levels, driven by the growing demand for homes and the shortage of available properties. The centralization towards the urban centre, especially in the most sought after neighbourhoods, is becoming increasingly evident It is important to be aware of market dynamics and owner expectations to navigate this rapidly evolving real estate environment.”

L’Neapolitan hinterland recorded an increase in the average house price of 2.1%, bringing it to 2,224 euros per square meter. Among the municipalities in the Neapolitan hinterland, 28 out of 45 saw an increase in prices in the quarter, with Cemetery (10.5%) e Acerra (9.8%) highlighted for the most significant increases, while Frattaminore (-9.9%) e Arzano (-5.8%) mark the greatest drops while, Cicciano it is the only center in the province of Naples that has not undergone price changes.

Capri confirms itself as the most expensive municipality in the province of Naples, with an average price of 9,543 euros per square meter, followed by Anacapri (7,027 euros/m2), Massa Lubrense (4,173 euros/m2), Ischia (3,695 euros/m2) e Vico Equense (3,419 euros/m2). On the opposite side of the ranking of real estate values ​​in the province of Naples, Roccarainola (899 euro/m2) e Cicciano (962 euros/m2) both with prices lower than one thousand euros per square meter, they are the most convenient municipalities for purchasing a property.