Books, best sellers: Panayotis Pascot, the Cagé-Piketty duo…

Books best sellers Panayotis Pascot the Cage Piketty duo…

There are a lot of people this week on the testing side, with a ballet of renowned economists, historians, sociologists and academics. Julia Cagé and Thomas Piketty, Gilles Kepel, Boris Cyrulnik, Charles Pépin, Cynthia Fleury, Emmanuel de Waresquiel, Olivier Wieviorka, Bernard Lahire… Capés are also there in fiction with the presence of Sorj Chalandon, Amélie Nothomb, Michael Connelly , Laurent Binet, Salman Rushdie, etc. The only exceptions are two first novels with a high autobiographical content: that of the ex-columnist of Daily by Yann Barthès, Panayotis Pascot, which attracts his _very_ numerous subscribers from social networks, and the one on incest, essential, impressive, by Neige Sinno, Sad Tigerwhich also appears on a number of prize lists: Goncourt, Femina, Flore, Le Monde, Blu Jean-Marc Roberts… To be continued, as we will also follow the destiny of Jean-Baptiste Andrea, also selected by the juries du Goncourt and Femina, and already winner of the Fnac prize.

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16. The City of Victory

By Salman Rushdie


Victory City By Salman Rushdie


He had finished writing it just before the attack (twelve stab wounds), on August 12, 2022, which resulted in the loss of an eye. At 76, the author of Satanic verses therefore publishes his 13th novel with magical realism, an ancient epic taking place in the 14th century in India, and describing a city founded by a 9-year-old orphan inhabited by a divinity.

3. Prophet in his country

By Gilles Kepel


Prophet in his country By Gilles Kepel


The 68-year-old political scientist, specialist in Islamist movements and author of around twenty works, including The suburbs of Islam (1987), retraces in his new book his journey as a researcher and professor (CNRS, Sciences Po, PSL University, based at the Ecole Normale Supérieure), today facing “the woke wave”.


The Raging Storm

By Ann Cleeves


Great Britain The Raging Storm By Ann Cleeves

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She has been accumulating cycles since 1986. A prolific author of thrillers, the Devon native has enjoyed many successes with her series, George and Molly Palmer-Jones, Inspector Ramsay, Vera Stanhope And Shetland, the last two having been adapted for television. This time, Inspector Matthew Venn is in charge. A story of sailors, murders, and wind that rises to the top of the charts Sunday Times.