Bonomi: we ask the EU for common investments

Bonomi we ask the EU for common investments

(Finance) – “We ask the EU for common investments and not permission to raise more debt.” The president of Confindustria said it Carlo Bonomi in an interview with The print on the discussions on the Stability Pact. On the fragility of connections in Europe with border crossings that work intermittently “I hear little about it and without analyzing the problem. When we discover that the GDP of the Aosta Valley, the North and Italy will drop, what will happen? We will be forced to chase still the emergency. And it’s not just a business issue.”

“We should push on infrastructure and address the Brenner issue. In Europe it is necessary to continue to keep high attention on these issues. The government must activate urgent action against Austria. And, in any case, the new tunnel tube under White it can no longer be postponed”. On the hypothesis of recession “I wasn’t that optimistic before and I’m not pessimistic now. Unfortunately, Italy has returned to its structural growth, that between 2000 and 2019.”

On the revision of the outlook by Moody’s Bonomi underlines that “among the considerations it is highlighted that Italy can corely on a very strong industrial system. Therefore, the country may have ups and downs but its businesses guarantee it a future of growth. Therefore, it is an important asset that should be invested in. At the moment there is no trace of an industrial policy in the draft budget law.”

On the maneuver, overall: “it is reasonable but incomplete. For example, interventions on low-income families are positive, taking into account availability. But there is nothing about investments.”