Bombastic sci-fi action that you probably won’t understand the first time you watch it

Bombastic sci fi action that you probably wont understand the first

There are films that are complicated, and then there is Tenet by Christopher Nolan. This sci-fi blockbuster doesn’t give a damn about whether the audience can follow the plot and does its own thing. You can read how cool that can be here and see it on TV today.

That’s what Tenet by Christopher Nolan is about, our TV tip today

The story of Tenet is not only difficult to understand, but also to put into words. A lot of things go haywire, but the focus is on a man (John David Washington) who drawn into a global conspiracy He is given only one word of information with which he is supposed to save the world.

Mysterious artifacts that seem to come from the future play a role. Little by little it becomes clear that time is out of joint and a kind of war breaks out between the present and the future. Top international terrorists and spies are engaged in a hair-raising battle using all means at their disposal.

Warner Bros.

John David Washington gives his all in Tenet.

Tenet is so crazy and complicated that you have to watch it several times

At the latest when the story develops in two different directions at the same time and time runs in exactly the same, different directionseven the biggest Christopher Nolan fans’ heads start to spin. At the same time, a real action fireworks display is set off.

In Tenet, people influence the course of time. While they were just on their way to the future, they suddenly travel back to the past and vice versa. Here, bullets disappear back into the barrel of the gun and Characters could meet themselves – it’s difficult to really keep track of everything. But it’s worth trying.

TV or stream: When and where is Tenet shown?

We will ignore the question of when Tenet will be released and keep it simple: Today, Sunday, June 9, the sci-fi film at 20:15 on ProSieben. The repeat follows the same night from 1:35 am.

Otherwise, you can of course also treat yourself to this crazy time thriller online. It can be bought and rented from Maxdome, Magenta TV, Amazon, Apple TV or Google.

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