Bomb threat against school in Surahammar

Bomb threat against school in Surahammar

Published: Just now

full screen A bomb threat has come in to a school in the municipality of Surahammar. Archive image. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

A bomb threat has been directed at a school in Surahammar municipality. The police received information about the threat at 07.15 on Wednesday morning.

– We know that the school’s staff has had to receive a threat that there may be a bomb at the school, says Magnus Jansson Klarin, press spokesperson for the police region Mitt.

An area has now been cordoned off and investigations are underway at the scene. No students are in the building, according to the police.

– The students who are on their way to school will be received by staff. They have blocked it off to be able to investigate whether it is something sharp or something else.

TT: How do the police assess this threat?

– It is far too early to say, says Magnus Jansson Klarin.