Bomb in Norway linked to the Foxtrot network

Two Swedish men and a woman are suspected of involvement in a bombing in Drøbak, Norway.
Shortly after the murder, the police announced that the bomb used was similar to those seen in the Swedish gang conflict.
According to NRK do the two men have connections to the conflict within the Foxtrot network.
– If they are connected to a network, and possibly which one, will be something our investigation will shed light on, says prosecutor Grete Bollestad.

In the town of Drøbak south of Oslo, a bomb exploded next to a residence in October last year. No one was injured, but several residents were evacuated and the house sustained some damage.

A month into the investigation, the police were able to reveal that there were connections to Norwegian criminal networks with branches abroad. The bomb that was used was similar to the bombs seen in Sweden during previous bombings, the Norwegian police wrote in a press release. The bomb is said to have been detonated with the help of a car battery from Biltema.

– This was a targeted attack within criminal circles and it is important for me to emphasize that it is safe to live in Drøbak, said prosecutor Christian Gjølberg Finnanger.

Three Swedes suspected

On January 30, the police arrested a Swedish woman in Sweden. The following day, a Swedish man was arrested in Sweden, they are both suspected of involvement in the crime. A third Swede is also suspected, he was already in custody for another case in Sweden.

The three Swedes are now suspected of attempted murder or aiding and abetting attempted murder after the explosion in Drøbak. The woman and one of the men will be remanded in custody on Friday.

A fourth person, a man from Norway, was arrested together with the woman. However, he was released last week.

Linked to arson attack in Upplands Väsby

According to Norwegian NRK, two of the men, who are in their early teens, were involved in the conflict within the Foxtrot network during the fall.

According to NRK, the men are to be prosecuted in Sweden for an arson attack in Uppland’s Väsby in September last year. The crime is said to have been directed at an address where a relative of Mustafa “Benzema” Aljiburi was written. Aljiburi was shot dead in Iraq earlier this year and had a high-ranking role in the network.

– If they are connected to a network, and possibly which, becomes something our investigation will shed light on. We also have to see if it has anything to do with our case, says prosecutor Grete Bollestad to NRK.

During the autumn, more acts of violence occurred in Norway in which Swedes were involved. In November, a Swedish man in his 30s was shot in the Norwegian town of Moss. According to information, the man had connections to the Foxtrot network.