Body found in search for TV doctor Michael Mosley

According to British The Sun the body is said to have been found next to a parasol near a cave system.

Michael Mosley disappeared without a trace while on holiday on the island after he went for a walk from Saint Nikolas beach on Wednesday.

Followed via surveillance footage

With the help of surveillance footage, the police were able to follow his path. A picture of Mosley holding a parasol at the start of a new hiking trail leading up into the mountains was the last known picture of him.

A large search effort has since been focused on a remote mountain area near the port village of Pedi.

“Died of heatstroke and exhaustion”

Mayor Eleftherios Papakaloudoukas told ITV that Mosley likely died of heatstroke and exhaustion.

A large search operation has been underway. On Saturday, among other things, divers, helicopters and dogs took part in the operation.

67-year-old Mosley was the host of several television shows and was the founder of the so-called 5:2 diet.