Boat disaster in that country: 94 people died

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According to the information provided by the BBC, 20 people were injured on the boat, where 24 people are still wanted. The bodies of those who died in the disaster washed up on the Nampula coast.


Nampula Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaime Neto said that the people on the ferry were trying to escape from the cholera epidemic. Additionally, Neto stated that there were children among the dead.

According to local media, the ferry was heading from Lunga to the Nampula coast of Mozambique, but the ferry sank before arriving. “The ferry sank because it was not able to carry passengers and there were too many people on it,” Neto said.

Nampula region was one of the regions most affected by the cholera epidemic that flared up last January. According to the data of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 13 thousand 700 cases have been detected in Mozambique since October 2023, and 30 people have died.