Blue Bloods would be unthinkable without them: That’s why the dinner scenes are so hard for Tom Selleck to shoot

Blue Bloods would be unthinkable without them Thats why the

There are 1000 reasons to love Blue Bloods – Crime Scene New York. One of the most important for many fans is the family dinner in each episode. The Reagan family gathers at the dinner table under the supervision of their head Frank (Tom Selleck) to talk about the day. It is an emotional key moment. The Selleck apparently causes difficulties every time.

Tom Selleck struggles with Blue Bloods scenes and the reason is hidden

Selleck told People Magazine:

Dinner scenes are difficult because the focus is not on the food. It is also not about the dialogue, it is about the subtext. The audience does not care about the words, they want subtext. The dinner scenes with the family are full of subtext and the audience understands that, because it sees what the characters go through.


Dinner at Blue Bloods

According to Selleck, the appeal of the scenes for the viewer lies primarily in the emotions, with which the characters have to fight, and how they break out between the fork and the knife. The difficulty for the stars is understandable: they have to decide how much of their fictional inner life they want to show. They have to assess at any given time whether secrecy or openness suits their character.

When is Blue Bloods season 14 coming?

Blue Bloods is set to end with the finale of the 14th season, but stars like Tom Selleck are fighting for a sequel. A Blue Bloods spin-off is already being planned. The 14th season has already started in the USA, and in Germany it has no start date yet.

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