Blue Bloods star and Friends friend Tom Selleck honors late Matthew Perry with touching words

Blue Bloods star and Friends friend Tom Selleck honors late

Long before the success of Blue Bloods – Crime Scene New York, series star Tom Selleck starred in Friends. In the interview he reflected on his time on the sitcom honored the talent of Chandler actor Matthew Perry, who died in 2023.

Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck needed help from Friends actor Matthew Perry

Tom Selleck played the ophthalmologist Richard Burke, who is now in a romantic relationship with Monica (Courteney Cox), in nine Friends episodes. Selleck particularly remembers the episode Isn’t Life Bad, in which he had to try I tried to imitate Chandler’s personality and thus reached his limits. Selleck told USA Today:

[In der Folge] Richard tried to be like the Friends characters and she like him. Matthew had a speech pattern that I had never noticed before. Throughout the entire filming of the episode I always asked him [einen der Sätze] to repeat.


Matthew Perry and Tom Selleck in Friends

Selleck worked hard to master Perry’s unique intonation. He also got along well with the young actor in other ways, whose father John Bennett Perry he knew from earlier times. Looking back, he described the Friends star with warm-hearted words:

He embodied raw talent. Matthew is dead, so it’s easy to say that. I think, he was the most talented of a very talented group of people.

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