Bloody night in Gaza: 80 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks

Bloody night in Gaza 80 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks

According to the information received, Israel carried out attacks on various regions, especially the Nusayrat Refugee Camp and Gaza city. At least 80 people lost their lives and many were injured in the attacks targeting civilian houses and buildings.


The Israeli army bombed a house on al-Jala Street in Gaza city, many people were trapped under the rubble.

Israeli forces targeted and destroyed a 7-storey building near Shifa Hospital in Gaza city, where displaced Palestinians were located. Dozens of people died and were left under the rubble.

It was stated that civil defense teams removed the bodies of 5 Palestinians from the rubble of the building and continued their work.

At least 5 Palestinians lost their lives and many were injured in the Israeli attack, which targeted a house in the Tuffah neighborhood of Gaza city. Many people lost their lives when Israel bombed a house in the Nasr District of the city.



In the statement made by the media office of the government in Gaza, it was announced that the Israeli army targeted a house in Nusayrat Refugee Camp and killed at least 36 Palestinians.

A major humanitarian disaster has been experienced in the Gaza Strip, with a population of approximately 2.3 million, as the Israeli army has continued its attacks targeting civilian settlements, hospitals, schools and shelters of displaced Palestinians since October 7, 2023, as well as preventing the entry of humanitarian aid.

International circles, especially UN organizations, are calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and increasing the entry of humanitarian aid to the region due to diseases triggered by hunger, thirst and lack of hygiene materials, where most hospitals are out of service, there is a lack of medical supplies.

In Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip, 31 thousand 490 Palestinians, including at least 13 thousand 500 children and 9 thousand women, were killed and 73 thousand 439 people were injured.

While it is reported that there are still thousands of dead under the rubble, civilian infrastructure is also being destroyed by targeting hospitals and educational institutions where people took shelter.

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