Blood-curdling event in Mexico! 14-year-old girl arrested for killing classmate

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A 14-year-old girl named Azahara Aylin Martinez, who killed herself by hitting her head with a stone in a fight with her classmate in a high school incident in Teotihuacan, Mexico, and her mother, Magaly Martinez, were arrested while trying to escape to the USA in the city of Reynosa on the Texas border. In the statement made by the Mexican State Attorney General’s Office, it was reported that the suspect named Azahara Aylin and his mother, for whom an arrest warrant was issued, were detained and that they will be brought before a judge to give a statement about the incident.

Azahara Aylin Martinez injured her head with a stone in a fight with her 14-year-old classmate, Norma Lizbeth, in an incident that took place at a high school in Teotihuacan on February 21. A young girl named Norma Lizbeth, who became ill after the incident, fell ill on 13 March and was taken to the hospital by her relatives after she lost consciousness. She died on 15 March. Doctors at the hospital he went to for treatment diagnosed a young girl named Norma Lizbeth with a head injury.

Classmates of the teenage girl, Norma Lizbeth, said she had been bullied by some students for a while because of her skin color.
It was reported that the high school principal, who was found to be ineffective in the sad event, was dismissed. (UAV)