Blizzard throws out the most annoying affixes in the new addon

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Two affixes have been troubling the World of Warcraft community – they will likely no longer be part of the Mythic+ system in Dragonflight.

The “Mythic+” feature can probably be described as one of the greatest successes in World of Warcraft in recent years. With changing affixes every week, the dungeons keep bringing new challenges and the adventures feel fresh and challenging for a long time.

However, the different affixes are not all equally popular with the community. Two affixes in particular caused long faces and unnerved sighs: “Necrotic” and “Inspirational”.

These two affixes don’t seem to be part of the game anymore in the upcoming Dragonflight expansion.

What was the problem with the affixes? Necrotic and Inspirational were among the most problematic affixes:

  • Necrotic causes each enemy melee attack to leave a stacking negative effect on players. Each stack reduces the character’s healing received while also providing damage over time taken. The effect stacks infinitely, so if too many stacks, the healing is 0.
  • Inspirational affects some mobs in the dungeon and causes them to emit an aura. The aura protects all other nearby enemies from control and interrupt effects. This means enemies cannot be stopped while casting spells.
  • Both affixes are considered fun-killers in large parts of the community. They’re not just additional challenges, they drastically change how you have to play a dungeon in order to be successful.

    In the current version of the Dragonflight Beta, “Necrotic” and “Inspiring” have both disappeared from the database. It seems like those affixes aren’t coming back.

    Tank shortage became extreme in Necrotic weeks: Necrotic was so unpopular, especially with tanks, that many players decided not to go at all during the weeks in question. Tanks are traditionally a scarce commodity in World of Warcraft anyway, and during the Necrotic weeks this problem had only increased.

    Tanks that just need to run away – hardly any tank enjoys that.

    This is largely because Necrotic almost completely ruins the tank fantasy. Because instead of being able to bind enemies to you and take hits as a tank, you are forced with the affix “Necrotic” to run away from the enemies and often kite them over longer distances. Tanks are used to having to kite enemies from time to time, but when that’s the case with absolutely every mob group in the dungeon, it takes a lot out of the gameplay.

    However, keep in mind that this is information from the beta. That could change before the release.

    Do you think it’s good that Blizzard is throwing out these affixes? Or did you like the special challenges that came with Necrotic and Inspirational?