Black teacher dies after arrest in Los Angeles

Black teacher dies after arrest in Los Angeles

Fears of a new George Floyd case are gripping America: a black teacher has died after being tasered by Los Angeles police officers. It was early January, but the videos of the arrest, recorded by the on-board cameras of the officers, have just been made public. And above all, the man is the cousin of the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, which fights precisely against police violence against blacks.

With our correspondent in New York, Carrie Nooten

The police officer had stopped following a banal road accident involving Kennan Anderson. This father, a 31-year-old black teacher, is visibly agitated on the video, he has trouble sitting down as the policeman asks him. He says he wants to be seen by witnesses », runs for that in the middle of the roadway. But his agitation forces the policeman to raise his voice, two other officers join him and tackle him to the ground – they use their body weights, as well as a Taser to immobilize him. All the while, Kennan Anderson is calling for help, shouting that they “ try to kill him to make him same as George Floyd ».

None of the police warnings calmed the young man and he was subjected to electric shocks from the Taser gun for at least 30 seconds in a row, before succumbing to cardiac arrest in the ambulance.

The Black Lives Matter co-founder accused Los Angeles police of “ kill ” his cousin. She said that traces of cocaine and cannabis were found in Kennan Anderson’s blood. The city’s African-American mayor called for the immediate suspension of the officers involved pending the outcome of investigations.