Black Friday Xbox: already promotions available?

Black Friday Xbox already promotions available

BLACK FRIDAY XBOX. Among the often sought-after Black Friday offers, promotions on the Xbox Series S/X as well as their games are numerous. Should we expect new offers on Black Friday 2022?

the Black-Friday 2022 is approaching. The Xbox may well be affected by new promotional offers, as was the case in the previous edition. Among the best offers of the last Black Friday, we found in particular some nice packs with the Xbox Series S or even games in promotions. It is therefore very likely that further price reductions will be offered this year during Black Friday 2022, even if a few offers already seem to be available on some highly sought-after games.

Due to lack of availability for the Xbox Series X, still hit by stock shortages, it was the Xbox Series S which was the star of the last Black Friday. In 2022, we can imagine that the most powerful Xbox of this new generation will be available in a more consistent way and, why not, in packs which are for the moment the prerogative of its little sister the Xbox Series S. It was indeed not uncommon to see the console sold accompanied by an additional controller or a game in addition to the machine.

As a reminder, the Xbox Series S does not have a disc drive. It is therefore impossible to buy boxed games to play on Xbox Series S. On the contrary, you have to buy your games on the Xbox online store and download them directly from the internet. You can also bank on the Xbox Game Pass subscription which, for a fairly modest monthly subscription, offers access to a regularly renewed catalog of around a hundred games including exclusives developed by Xbox studios from the day of their release.

Best Products

The Xbox Series X is the pinnacle of Microsoft’s efforts. It delivers on the promise of flawless performance and a huge library spanning multiple generations of Xbox games. Since this one was out of stock before, the prices are not always the cheapest. It is still far from being easy to buy but it is worth it. The Xbox Series X has been out for almost two years but if you’re expecting a price drop, there may be some doubt as the console has been around for quite a while at €499.99. The accessories released at the same time as the Xbox Series X lived their glory days. We therefore expect offers for these accessories which have been there for two years and will therefore have to compete with the newer and cheaper models.

If you want to take the plunge but with a tighter budget, turn instead to the Xbox Series S, a model without a disc drive and offering an experience in 1440p resolution and not in 4K. In this, therefore, you will not be able to buy boxed games but will instead have to shop online. Be aware, however, that the hard drive of the Xbox Series S only offers a space of 500 GB compared to 1 terrabyte for the Xbox Series X. On Black Friday 2022, we can expect to find packs again with one or more games and/or an additional controller for an attractive price.

Finally, owners of Xbox consoles (and even PCs) may be interested in a particularly interesting subscription offer from Microsoft: the Xbox Game Pass. This offer by monthly subscription gives access to a catalog of a hundred video games, recent or less recent, all for a modest sum. Included, a hundred video games whose listing is regularly renewed as well as the EA Play catalog of Electronic Arts games including Battlefield 1, Star Wars Battlefront 2, FIFA, Need For Speed, Burnout and many others.

The Xbox Game Pass subscription also allows you to take advantage of all the new Xbox Game Studios studios from the day of their release, at no additional cost. Subscription cards are available for purchase for Xbox Game Pass and are often offered at discounted prices on Black Friday. The 2022 edition should therefore be no exception to the rule. This is an ideal gift for video game lovers who play on PC and Xbox consoles.