Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Xbox: the latest deals to grab hold of

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Xbox the latest deals to

BLACK FRIDAY XBOX. After Black Friday comes Cyber ​​Monday, the last moment to take advantage of various and varied offers. We take stock of Xbox Series S offers and Xbox Series X inventory.

[Mis à jour le 29 novembre 2021 à 15h06] Ultimate chance to treat yourself to an Xbox Series S on Cyber ​​Monday, the traditional day of promotions that concludes Black Friday. The Microsoft console, the only one to be available in stock while the Xbox Series X is still out of stock, comes in different versions. Either it is sold on its own at its suggested retail price of € 299.99, or it is sold with a few additional accessories or sets. Still, if you’re looking for a next-gen Xbox, you might be better off going with the Xbox Series S if you’re in a rush.

For Black Friday, Fnac offers an interesting offer to its members who are fans of video games. For any purchase of a console + an accessory or a video game, the merchant adds 15% of free gift certificates. Very interesting thing for future buyers of an Xbox Series S since it easily represents more than € 50 in gift vouchers offered to Fnac members who would buy the console from Microsoft. Be careful though, the offer is only valid from November 25 to 29, 2021 and gift vouchers are only valid until December 31, 2021.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are a good time to purchase an additional controller for your Xbox console. Right now, the Xbox controller, widely regarded as one of the best in circulation, can be found for $ 48.99. This is usually sold at a price of around sixty euros. If you’re a fan of multi-player gaming on the same screen, or if you like being able to change controllers when yours has run out of battery, now is the time to take the plunge.

As a reminder, the Xbox Series S does not have a disc drive. It is therefore impossible to buy boxed games to play on Xbox Series S. On the contrary, you have to buy your games from the Xbox online store and download them directly from the internet. You can also count on the Xbox Game Pass subscription which, against a fairly low monthly subscription, offers access to a regularly updated catalog of a hundred games including exclusives developed by Xbox studios from the day of their release.

Best products

Very regularly out of stock, the Xbox Series X is difficult to find during Black Friday 2021 like last year. It is therefore difficult to imagine the dealers selling off the competitor of the Playstation 5 during the season of good deals. If ever stocks were to be offered, it is possible that we see it sold alone at its recommended price of € 499.99. Note that the Xbox Series X is the most powerful Xbox around and is capable of displaying images up to 4K resolution at 120 frames per second.

The Xbox Series X has been out of stock more often than on shelves since it hit stores last year. To not miss a sale concerning it, we advise you to bookmark the links below to refresh them regularly. Objective: to be there when one of its online stores makes available new stock from the Microsoft console.

If you want to take the plunge but on a tighter budget, look instead to the Xbox Series S, a model without a disc drive and offering an experience in 1440p resolution, not 4K. In this, therefore, you will not be able to buy boxed games but instead will have to shop online. Be aware, however, that the hard drive of the Xbox Series S only offers a space of 500 Gigas against 1 terra for the Xbox Series X. Last year, the Xbox Series S had just been released and was therefore not offered at a price. reduced. We can imagine that, this year, we can find packs with one or more games and / or an additional controller for an attractive price.

Nice offer on the Xbox Series S at the moment at Fnac for members. Indeed, if you buy an Xbox Series S with your membership card, you will get € 50 in Fnac gift vouchers on your card. One way to lower the price of the Xbox Series S to $ 249.99. You can then use these 50 € of gifts to offer yourself a new controller or a subscription card or a credit to spend in the Xbox online store in order to buy dematerialized games (remember that the Xbox Series S does not have disk drive).

Note the upcoming sale, at the beginning of December, of a new Xbox Series S pack accompanied by two cards including 1000 V Bucks for the Fortnite game and 1000 credits for the Rocket League game. These V Bucks and Credits are used to purchase cosmetics from the online stores for these two games. 1000 V Bucks and credits is the equivalent of 10 €. This pack is already available from Fnac at a price of € 299.99, which is the price of an Xbox Series S alone. However, it will be reserved for players interested in Fortnite and Rocket League.

On the other hand, if you do not intend to take advantage of the technical capabilities of the new generation right away and instead want to invest in an inexpensive console because it is no longer young, you can direct to the Xbox One X or Xbox One S. The Xbox One X is the more powerful version of the Xbox One. This is regularly the subject of reductions at online resellers with many bundles and packs available, just like the Xbox One S, an updated version of the Xbox One offered as a standard model or as an “All Digital” model without a disk drive. . Once again, let’s renew our caveats: The Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X consoles are the previous generation models. If you are looking for the next generation, then you are interested in the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X models, make no mistake!

Finally, owners of Xbox consoles and even PCs may be interested in a particularly interesting subscription offer from Microsoft: the Xbox Game Pass. This monthly subscription offer provides access to a catalog of around a hundred video games, recent or older, all for a small fee. Included, a hundred video games whose listing is regularly updated as well as the EA Play catalog of Electronic Arts games including Battlefield 1, Star Wars Battlefront 2, FIFA, Need For Speed, Burnout and many others.

Note also that a trial offer is available for all new subscribers to Xbox Game Pass. For each new Xbox Game Pass subscription, the first three months will cost you only € 1 per month and not the € 9.99 per month of the Xbox Game Pass subscription for console or PC or € 12.99 per month for the Ultimate subscription which allows you to enjoy the catalog both on PC and on console.

The Xbox Game Pass subscription also allows you to enjoy all the new features of the Xbox Game Studios (the future Halo Infinite is one of them in particular) from the day of their release at no additional cost. Membership cards are available for purchase for Xbox Game Pass. This is an ideal gift for video game enthusiasts who play on PC and Xbox consoles.