Björn Ferry’s harsh words about Elvira Öberg – condemn the star completely: “It is obvious that…”

Elvira Öberg’s WC has been a disappointment.
Now she is sentenced by Björn Ferry.
– It will not be easy to turn it around, says the SVT expert.

When the Biathlon World Cup loomed last winter, Elvira Öberg was Sweden’s great medal hope. She had dominated the World Cup, but then fell ill. Elvira Öberg gave it a try, but only made it to the start in one competition, and overall it was a big disappointment.

Ferry’s harsh judgment

However, there were hopes for revenge before this year’s championship, as Öberg also stayed healthy until the championship. But it hasn’t helped. Öberg has been unrecognizable at all, and after being one of the fastest riders in the entire World Cup during the winter, she has really struggled during the three opening competitions.

231124 Elvira Öberg of Sweden during a training session ahead of the IBU World Cup on November 24, 2023 in Östersund. Photo: Petter Arvidson / BILDBYRÅN / code PA / PA0692

Öberg took part and took bronze during the mixed relay, but has not kept up with the rivals since then. Now the expert Björn Ferry judges the star’s chances in the remaining competitions.

– It is clear that Elvira is not in that super bubbly top form that she had hoped for and that I thought she would be. In terms of riding, she doesn’t keep up. The shape isn’t there, it’s hard to know why. But now we are well into the WC so it won’t be so easy to turn it around, he tells SVT.

The coach fights back

After the last chase start, where Elvira Öberg finished eighth, she said that it took her to sprint to a medal in the mixed relay.

– We have good skis today, so it’s not the material. I really have to struggle for every meter. My body is tired. I think it’s because the mixed relay was a huge discharge. I think I haven’t managed to recover from it, said Öberg.

230210 Björn Ferry, commentator of Swedish Broadcaster SVT, poses for a picture during the IBU Biathlon World Championships on February 10, 2023 in Oberhof. Photo: Mathias Bergeld / BILDBYRÅN / code MB / MB0539

Someone who does, however, defend Öberg is the national team coach Johannes Lukas, who, contrary to many others, believes that Öberg looked good in the track.

– I do not agree with those who say that she had bad driving times. It was really only at the start of the hunt and she didn’t feel so good there. She had a great mixed relay and a good sprint. The start of the chase was not perfect, but she got a real discharge in the mixed relay. Now we try to bring in a lot of energy and recharge, he says.

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