Björn Ferry’s drastic proposal – wants to act immediately after the big fiasco in the World Cup: “It’s a sickness”

Sweden’s fiasco in the Biathlon World Cup continues.
Now Björn Ferry is proposing a major change.
– It’s a little sick, says the SVT expert.

Sweden was a smash hit and achieved a medal record during the WC last year. But in this year’s championship, they have usually been without a chance. There was bronze in the inaugural mixed relay, but since then there have been zero individual medals, and in fact it hasn’t even come close to a top three finish.

Requires change

In the distance competitions, both Hanna and Elvira Öberg had a total of seven hurdles, and when it was time for the men yesterday, the pattern was the same. Martin Ponsiluoma had a total of six misses, and no Swede was close to threatening a top position.

240214 Sebastian Samuelsson of Sweden during zeroing ahead of men’s 20 km individual during the IBU Biathlon World Championships on February 14, 2024 in Nove Mesto na Morave. Photo: Petter Arvidson / BILDBYRÅN / code PA / PA0762

And it is precisely the shooting that baffles expert Björn Ferry. The former great skater believes that Sweden needs to review its routines, and better at shooting.

– Is it a trend, which it feels like right now because no one has risen to the occasion, you should take a look: “What have we done and what are the others doing?”, he says to SVT, and continues:

– Can you screw something up and make something better? Because it is obvious that Sweden, neither on the women’s nor the men’s side, does not have anyone who maintains a world-class level in shooting.

“A little sick”

Björn Ferry believes that development has gone in the wrong direction. Overall, biathletes are more interested in the skiing itself, and ways to improve it. The prioritization should be different, he believes.

– It’s a little sick in biathlon, that you prioritize skiing more, because that’s purely historical: It matters more, he says.

230210 Björn Ferry, commentator of Swedish Broadcaster SVT, poses for a picture during the IBU Biathlon World Championships on February 10, 2023 in Oberhof. Photo: Mathias Bergeld / BILDBYRÅN / code MB / MB0539

Björn Ferry believes, for example, that biathletes today have no idea who is good at shooting, but that they have a solid grasp of cross-country skiing. That should change.

– As a rule, biathlonists are not that interested in shooting. Most biathletes can’t name a sports shooter, but you have a very good grasp of cross-country skiing, where you can name the entire world elite, he says.

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