Bitcoin surpassed 50 thousand dollars after a long time

Bitcoin surpassed 50 thousand dollars after a long time

At the top of the cryptocurrency world bitcoin, It recently surpassed $50,000. The needle turned green again.

It is one of the largest cryptocurrency bitcoin, As we said above, recently over 50 thousand dollars to a value reached. The currency, which was just under 50 thousand dollars as of 8:30 on February 13, 2024, but has generally started to rise once again, gained nearly 4 percent in value in the last 24 hours, and the increase in value in the last seven days approached 17 percent. The currency, which has exceeded 40 thousand dollars for the first time in the past months after a 19-month break, is currently making its owners very happy. closest follower ethereum is right now At $2,648 It is located. Its value increase in the last seven days has approached 15 percent. All-time high in November 2021 It is reminded once again today that it is at 68 thousand 990 dollars. And This is Bitcoin that causes a lot of pain to many peoplehas lost approximately 50 percent of its value since the said date.


In the meantime, let us remind you once again that you need to be very, very careful in the cryptocurrency world. On this side, the market can move incredibly quickly, huge declines can be seen within minutes. So, there is no certainty that bitcoin will continue to rise at the moment, and the possibility that everything could suddenly turn upside down should never be forgotten.