Billström (M): The government opposes an offensive in Rafah

– If it is the case that withdrawal heralds a ground offensive in Rafah, it is very serious and something the Swedish government absolutely opposes, he says.

Billström also says that a military operation in Rafah, where he says there are 1.5 million, would have very serious consequences for the civilian population.

War between Israel and Hamas

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  • – It is not something that we are prepared to accept. And it has also been presented very clearly via the EU and also bilaterally from Sweden to the Israeli government.

    No answer about sanctions

    Billström did not want to answer the question whether the EU should push for sanctions against Israel.

    – Sanctions in this context must be linked to having the opportunity to put force behind the words. In this context, the US has greater opportunities to influence Israel than the EU has.

    He also responded to the criticism against him that he has been quiet and mild in his criticism of Israel’s warfare. Criticism he does not agree with, but says that the government has been consistent in its positions.