Big Tech, EU trilogue on the Digital Services Act begins

State aid EU approves extension of liquidation regime for small

(Finance) – Interinstitutional negotiations have begun between the European Commission, the EU Council and the European Parliament on the Digital Services Act (Dsa), the proposal for a regulation put forward by Brussels in December 2020 which requires large online platforms such as Google, Apple, Facebook And Amazon greater responsibility for content moderation. The text is part of a package broader which also includes the Digital Markets Act (Dma), aimed at combating unfair practices and abuse of dominant position on digital markets by Big Tech.

“The Commission, together with the Parliament and the Council, will complete this important text for our citizens. I am fully committed to achieving this goal by the summer”, the EU Commissioner for the Internal Market commented in a tweet. Thierry Bretonengaged in the first round of talks together with the EU vice president, Margrethe Vestagerand to the French Minister for Digital, C├ędric OR.

The three institutions present theirs today priority policies, analyzing the most controversial amendments and defining the timing. At the Council, some of the main EU countries – including Italy, Spain, Denmark and Poland – are asking for greater protection of the protection of consumers, while Ireland and the Czech Republic do not fully agree on the changes introduced by the European Parliament to the original text, including the increased supervisory power over Big Tech conferred in Brussels. Among the MEPs, however, there is still discussion about the ban on advertising targeted.