Big increases can be made to IMEI registration fee and more

Big increases can be made to IMEI registration fee and

In order to use the phones brought from abroad in Turkey, the payment must be made. IMEI registration fee can be increased before the end of the year.

Tax Specialist Dr. Ozan BingolToday “About Tax” He did not make good predictions for the citizens of the Republic of Turkey through his website. In the past hours,We will include our projections regarding the new taxes that we will face in June and July after the election, and the additional costs we will face while receiving public services, with the effect of the election economy, which is implemented in a very strict manner.” with the opening sentence Here Ozan Bingöl, who published the article you can read, added the following section to this article:There are some product groups that can be added to the list IV of the SCT Law. In this context, in the upcoming period;

  • -Increase in Special Communication Tax rates taken over communication,
  • -Tax increases on SCT items on alcoholic beverages,
  • Increasing the SCT rates on vehicles,
  • In addition, a significant increase in the amount of fees for telephones brought with passengers from abroad,
  • -Increasing many mortar items,
  • -Increase in stamp duty rates and fixed amounts,
  • -Some increases in the BSMV rate or scope,
  • One-time Additional Motor Vehicle Tax,
  • -One-time Additional Real Estate Tax,
  • – Of the kind included in the April 5 Package in 1994, with signs of economic recovery:
    • -Economic balance tax,
    • – One-time implementation of Net Asset tax and similar taxes.
  • More intense application of traffic fines,
  • -Increasing tax audits and tax inspections (especially for those who do not increase tax base/tax)
  • -Increasing the corporate tax rate by a few points” like tax measures will be waiting for us.

Since this is our focus here, the amount of fees on phones brought with passengers from abroad draws our attention. Alright How much was this income item of the state, which is also known as the IMEI registration fee, and then how much? The sad current answer to this question is exactly as follows:

-2015: 131.50₺
-2018: 500₺
-2019: 1.500₺
-2020: 1,838,70₺
-2021: 2006,20₺
-2022: 2,732,40₺
-2023: 6,091,30₺

According to Ozan Bingöl, who shared this data before, the seven-year increase rate for IMEI it is exactly at the level of 4532 percent.