big blur around the remains of the Russian opponent – ​​L’Express

big blur around the remains of the Russian opponent –

The team of Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny requested, this Saturday, February 17, that the remains of the Russian opponent be handed over to them “immediately”, after the activist’s mother was formally informed of his death in prison .

“An employee of the penal colony said that the body of Alexei Navalny was in Salekhard”, a town in the Russian Arctic region where his prison was located, and had been taken away by “investigators” to “carry out ‘research'”, said the opponent’s spokesperson , Kira Iarmich in a message on

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Shortly after, in a video, the spokesperson indicated that the opponent’s mother, Lyudmila Navalnaïa, had visited the IK-3 penal colony in the Arctic region of Yamal on Saturday and that an “official document” had been given to him confirming the death. “Alexeï Navalny was killed,” said Kira Iarmich who went into exile, like a crowd of opponents, to escape prison. “His death occurred on February 16 at 2:17 p.m. local time, according to the official document given to Alexei’s mother,” she added.

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Before continuing, always on. “Alexei’s lawyer and his mother arrived at the Salekhard morgue. It was closed, although the prison had assured that it was open and that Navalny’s body was there. The lawyer called the telephone number on the door. He was told that he was the seventh to call today, and that Alexei’s body was not in the morgue.”

“It’s obvious they’re lying.”

What about the cause of death? A lawyer for the opponent, who went to see the investigators, “was informed [qu’elle] has not been determined, that a new histological examination was carried out,'” his spokesperson wrote on X. “The results should be known next week. It’s obvious they’re lying and doing everything they can to avoid having to hand over the body,” she added. “It’s obvious the killers want to cover their tracks. That’s why they are not handing over Alexei’s body and are even hiding it from his mother,” Navalny’s team said on Telegram.

The prison authorities have so far limited themselves to saying that Vladimir Putin’s number one opponent had died after feeling unwell, ensuring that everything had been done to try to resuscitate him.