Biathlon: Martin Ponsiluoma operated on: “Went very well”

Ponsiluoma had problems with his groin throughout the season but saw it through and took home a relay gold in the men’s relay at the WC as a highlight. He finished tenth in the overall World Cup.

– It was a planned operation that went very well. There will now be extra rehab focus and then he will slowly return to normal training step by step, says national team coach Johannes Lukas to Radiosporten.

The hope is that Ponsiluoma will be back in full training this summer.

Linn Persson is also in rehab after her shoulder operation, the second in a year, which she had right after the WC in Nove Mesto and thus ended the season prematurely.

– She is in an important rehab process and it is only focused on making it as good as possible for the shoulder, says Lukas.

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Hear expert Björn Ferry’s assessment of Martin Ponsiluoma’s season. Photo: Emma Wallskog / BILDBYRÅN