Bianca Salming’s hopeful words about the future without her father Börje – after the tears at the Sports Gala: “I am…”

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The late Börje Salming was honored again at the Sports Gala.
Also present was daughter Bianca Salming, who became very emotional.
Now she opens up about the future without father Börje by her side.

November 24 fell asleep Börje Salming in after the body gave up the fight against the nerve disease ALS. All of hockey Sweden and the hockey world united in their grief and bid farewell to one of the sport’s greatest of all time.

Börje’s tribute

On Monday evening, the icon, who turned 71 years old, received a new worthy tribute at the Sports Gala. Swedish sports chose to honor everyone who passed away during 2022 and Salming received an extra long video sequence that led to incredibly emotional scenes in the Avicii arena.

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Bianca Salming together with father Börje Salming’s ex-wife Katarina Pettersson at the Sports Gala. PHOTO: Instagram

The daughter was there for the Sports Gala Bianca Salming together with the father’s ex-wife Katarina Pettersson. Directly after the pictures of Börje Salming, both were shown moved to tears in the SVT broadcast.

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Bianca hopeful

The last time has been incredibly tough for 24-year-old Bianca, who tried to hold up training as much as possible while mourning her father. Even though it has been very difficult and in the fall of 2022, she prioritized being with dad for the last time of his life.
– I have still been able to train well quite a few sessions, but it has become that you have missed some due to many trips and I have wanted to be with dad as much as possible. There are many training sessions that have disappeared and quite a few sessions have been very bad because you are not there at 100 percent. There has been a lot of frustration, says Salming in an interview with TT.

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Bianca Salming became extremely emotional after the tribute to Börje Salming at the Sports Gala. PHOTO: Instagram

After a tough time, Bianca Salming is now starting to find her way back to a normal everyday life with training again.
– Right now I’ve come back to my routines and am a bit more stable, which I’m trying to maintain – especially now that it’s the season. But there have been many ups and downs, she admits to the news agency.

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This week she made her season debut in heptathlon with competitions in Sollentuna and it felt good right from the start. The Swede’s big goal for the upcoming season is the indoor EC in Istanbul, which starts in March, and she looks hopefully towards her immediate future.
– I have felt that I have been in good shape, but it has felt uncertain. I have doubted myself, missed a lot of practice and a lot has happened. Considering the result I did in the first competition, I really feel that I can take a big step if I can stay injury-free. I really have a good feeling in my body, says Bianca in the interview.

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