beyond school, these responsibilities which must be questioned – L’Express

beyond school these responsibilities which must be questioned – LExpress

Deploying educational assistants around middle and high schools to help calm the school climate: this is one of the avenues adopted by the government on April 4, after the attacks to which several young people have been victims in recent weeks. Notably that of Shemseddine, this 15-year-old student beaten to death in Viry-Châtillon in Essonne and that of Samara, 13 years old, severely beaten in Montpellier. Other proposals have been put forward such as the creation of a mobile national security team made up of principals, psychologists or inspectors. Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, for his part, proposed establishing disciplinary councils from primary school. While the Minister of National Education, Nicole Belloubet, plans to force middle school students to leave their cell phones in boxes at the entrance to establishments. So many measures that are certainly beneficial for some.

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However, while all eyes are on her with each new tragedy, it is important to remember that school cannot do everything. Note, moreover, that the recent attacks took place outside establishments! The responsibilities of parents, digital platforms, local authorities, the judicial institution or the police must also be questioned. The fight against the phenomenon of ultraviolence among adolescents requires the mobilization of all stakeholders and not just the educational institution.