Beware of “Yinintimidators”, these manipulators who we think are nice…

Beware of Yinintimidators these manipulators who we think are nice

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    Contrary to popular belief, a manipulative person will not necessarily be mean… Here’s how to spot this type of personality despite their “kindness”…

    We have certainly already met this person who seems adorable at first glance but who as the relationship progresses (friendly or romantic) reveals less attractive facets… According to social science researcher Jeremy E. Sherman interviewed by Psychology Today, from “The Bully”. We enlighten you on this toxic bully.

    Acts of kindness to better manipulate your victim

    The overall strategy of the bully is to present himself as virtuous, so that if there is a problem, it must be your fault.” explains Jeremy E. Sherman, social science researcher in the columns of the media Psychology Today. But where does this word come from?Ybully“? This is the contraction between the “Yin” which here represents sincerely kind people (unlike the “yang” who are considered manipulative people), and the word “intimidation”. In reality, this type of profile uses the kind facet of “Yin” people but is actually a “Yang”: “This is called yin bullying, brutal behavior that comes across as kind, gentle and receptive” specifies the expert.

    Good in his body, good in his head!

    What are the signs to spot in “Ybullies”?

    These toxic manipulators use several strategies to harm their victim and establish their control. “He may do this by general self-approval or by emphasizing your problems. They are generally calm, kind and loving. They don’t scream“, explains the social science researcher. He is also the king of “pressing where it hurts”, that is to say, using your weaknesses against you by humiliating you. Obviously, a trait common to all manipulators and toxic personalitiesthe “bullies” want to be perfectly coherent, without contradictions […] they constantly blame you for having misheard them” underlines the expert.

    To get out of it, there is only one solution: take off. This type of personality will never question themselves and your relationship (and your self-esteem) will not be spared…

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