between amazement, joy and dismay among activists after the announcement of the dissolution of the Assembly

between amazement joy and dismay among activists after the announcement

Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly this Sunday following the European elections in which the RN emerged as the big winner with 31.5% of the votes. The legislative elections will take place on June 30 and July 7, said the head of state. Between joy, amazement and anger, the reactions of activists in the different HQs and in the street.

At the HQ of Valérie Hayer’s Renaissance list, the mines are discomfited, the activists are stunned and the reactions are strong, reports Charlotte Urien-Tomaka, from the RFI political service. But for Ahmed, a Renaissance activist, even if the victory of the National Rally (RN) is difficult to swallow, the president made the right decision. “ I am bitter about our defeat, it’s dramatic. I am worried about the future of our country because when we see a score like this, it is worrying. But we must let the French speak “.

Hélène, a Renaissance activist since 2016, is disappointed, but for her, it is not a surprise: “ We expected it, that’s exactly what the polls predicted. I was hoping for a start. And then finally, no. But we were prepared for it. And for me, this poker move from Macron, I have been thinking for several months that he should do that. »

I trust himassures another Renaissance activist. I think he thought about the matter carefully, so I consider at this moment that he made the right decision in the sense that I trust him. But I’m a little bit fearful, I’m a little bit afraid that the RN will win these legislative elections. »

Xavier, a young activist with Macron, is in shock: “ I’m a little stunned, I must admit, we are all a little disappointed and doubly stunned also by the announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly. We are all a little in shock. » Overall, most of the Renaissance activists present at the Mutualité support the decision of the President of the Republic to rely on the people and say they are ready to go back to the campaign.

Joy at the National Rally HQ

At the RN, the evening began with a first clamor when the results were announced. The gap with the list of the presidential camp is overwhelming, as he announced, Jordan Bardella asks the president to dissolve the National Assembly and call legislative elections. His wish was granted an hour later and a second clamor was heard in the room.

The activists can’t believe their eyes. “ I didn’t think the president was going to do this kind of thing, but who makes the decision to do this. This is truly implacable logic and normal political logic in a country where everything is going wrong. And we have to redistribute the cards. », says one of them. “ It is an incredible opportunity to be able to have new elections, to potentially have more than 89 deputies for the next legislative elections. It’s very likely. So, we very much hope so »exclaims another RN activist into the microphone of Pierrick Bonno, from RFI’s political service.

Marine Le Pen arrives on stage all smiles in the company of Jordan Bardella that she would see well at Matignon: “ As tonight’s result forced Emmanuel Macron to return to the polls. I call on the French to come and join us to form around the National Rally, a majority in the service of the only cause which guides our steps, France. »

The countdown has begun for the party which must put itself in battle order, the legislative elections will take place in three weeks.

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Surprise at Les Républicains

While their existence in the European Parliament was at stake, saved by the 7% obtained by the list of François Xavier Bellamy. The announcement of early legislative elections has caused further trouble. The dozens of LR activists who came to spend the evening had barely had time to savor the end of a grueling campaign when President Macron sent everyone back to the polls, described Raphaël Delvolve, from the RFI political service. “ We go back ? Here we go again ? », Says surprised activists.

Surprise in the audience, but not in the party leadership, at least apparently, Eric Ciottithe boss of LR: “ We are going to lead this campaign around right-wing values. France needs the right and we will be there. » For the campaign, reaching out to the Macronists is out of the question, according to the LR boss. “ For me, it is out of the question to enter into a form of coalition alliance with a power that has put France in this state. »

The position of the management is consistent with that of the activists, but not necessarily with that of the elected officials, in particular some of the 61 LR deputies who are putting their seats back on the line and many of whom were missing this Sunday. Before the dissolution, some argued for allying themselves with the presidential majority. Others preferred the status quo so as not to be swept away. Will tensions increase?

MP Annie Genevard kicks in. “ We are here in politics, for the moment, fiction. » The three-week express campaign could clarify things. An emergency meeting was held on Sunday evening, but nothing filtered through.

Shock to the left after the dissolution

It was first of all an explosion of joy among the socialist and Place publique activists at the announcement of the score achieved by their list: 3rd and close behind the presidential camp with 14%. But a few moments later, it’s a Raphaël Glucksmann serious who climbs to the platform, tells Aurélien Devernoixfrom the RFI political service: “ I’m proud of what we did together, but I’m not in the mood to celebrate. The far right represents 40% in France. »

And the atmosphere goes down another notch an hour later. The spokesperson for the Socialist Party, Dieynaba Diop, has tears in her eyes. “ I’m devastated, you didn’t expect him to take a risk. »

A few hundred meters away, among the Insoumis, after the initial shock, we are already preparing for what comes next, Manon Aubryjust re-elected MEP, says: “ In a few hours, friends, we’re going to go back to the countryside. »

In the campaign, but with whom? Because the Nupes imploded in the fall of 2024. And the rebellious leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon is not the type to forgive: “It is not enough to bleat in rhythm: “Union, Union, Union. Ah, I’m crying, I’m scared”. Do you want us to start the endless palaver again and at the end, end with sentences that mean nothing? »

So, return of the Nupes or definitive separation of the left? To decide, you will have to act quickly, applications, joint or not, must be submitted in the coming days.

Demonstration on Place de la République

From the center of Place de la République emerge Palestinian, environmentalist and rebellious France flags. Among the young people present, Léandre, for whom Emmanuel Macron gave in to the National Rally. “ It is risky to have a majority in the National Assembly, National Rally, and it puts the opinions of millions of people in danger. »

When the far right gets closer to power, young people always respond, believes Matisse, climate activist. “ We tend to say that young people are disinterested in politics, I think that is not at all true and we see it today, young people still piss off the National Front today. »

Faced with young people who are increasingly voting for the National Rally, Matisse explains that: “ This is something that we must fight, this is what we must convey as a message in the public debate. »

For Anaëlle, there will be a before and after June 9: “ Personally, I feel that this is really a turning point in my commitment because I really see things becoming very serious. More than ever, I want to avoid the worst and mobilize as many people around me as possible to prevent the extreme right from finding itself governing our country and Europe. »

Pablo, for his part, hopes to unite beyond youth. “ We’re starting to see it because this evening, it’s not just young people either. The prerequisite is that everything small. Engages both young and old. It is a union of the left. »

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