Best Language Learning Apps 2023

Best Language Learning Apps 2023

Learning a language has become a must in many areas, whether it is to travel to a country or to take the next stage in your career. Fortunately, our need for books in the old fashion seems to have disappeared. Because there are language applications that you can easily download from your tablet or phone. If you can’t choose from many language learning apps, take a good look at this article. We have listed the best language learning apps for you.

Language Learning Apps List

  1. Memrise
  2. speak
  3. mondly
  4. HiNative
  5. triplingo
  6. MosaLingua
  7. HelloTalk
  8. Duolingo
  9. Lingualift
  10. beelinguapp
  11. busuu
  12. Rosetta Stone
  13. fluenz
  14. Babbel
  15. Pimsleur
  16. HelloEnglish
  17. drops
  18. Yabla
  19. lingualeo
  20. cambly

Best Language Learning Apps 2023


Memrise tops the list of free language learning apps thanks to a variety of learning tools such as native speaker videos, multiple choice questions, writing tests, and listening activities. It also offers “classic reviews” and “quick reviews” to test your knowledge of the learned material. Your progress is tracked with pictures of flowers that grow as you correctly interact with new emoticons.


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Speakly is an effective foreign language learning app that can improve your speaking skills. First, it teaches you the 4,000 most statistically relevant words of your target language through spelling tests and multiple choice questions. The Premium Plan improves your speech using voice recognition software to engage you in real conversations and correct your pronunciation. Additional features include listening exercises, music recommendations, placement tests, and grammar guides.


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Mondly is a popular language learning app thanks to its gamified lessons. This app includes matching phrases with pictures, swiping for correct answers, choosing correct translations, rearranging words in a sentence, and answering multiple choice questions. Most impressively, it offers a chatbot feature that allows users to engage in real-life conversations with audio recording of suggested responses.


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HiNative’s global community offers a unique way to improve your speaking skills. In particular, users can upload audio files to ask if their conversation with native speakers sounds natural or is pronounced correctly. You can also post questions about what a word or phrase means, or ask example sentences. Native English speakers respond with their own audio recordings or written feedback.


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Of all the language learning apps, Triplingo is arguably the best language learning app for travel with useful travel-related words and phrases in many countries. Users can access over 2,000 phrases and audio recordings on topics like how to get around, stay safe and order food. Interactive flashcards, quizzes, and audio lessons also enhance learning. Additional features also include a voice translator, cultural tips, a tip calculator, a currency converter, and a Wi-Fi converter.


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MosaLingua is a complete resource for a number of languages, including French, Spanish and Italian. You can choose from the standard syllabus starting with simple expressions and numbers, or from specific subject packages such as time or tourism. This means that if you’ve already gone through the basics and want to fill certain gaps in your knowledge, you can do it instantly. You can support your learning with dialogues showing real-life situations.


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HelloTalk is a language learning app that connects you with native speakers for a language exchange. The application allows communication via messaging, voice messages, video chats and drawing. During the exchange, tools are provided to translate messages and correct your partner. Users can also post questions or comments to the community and work on new vocabulary through the app.


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Many Duolingo courses are created by native speakers, resulting in perhaps less anticipated courses like Guarani or Klingon. What makes Duolingo special is that it’s not just for native speakers. For each language, there are special courses for those with different first languages, and 81 courses have been created to date. The main problem with Duolingo is that many students use the app and expect to learn to speak a language, but unfortunately this is not a complete language program. But it will help you improve your vocabulary and introduce you to a new language in a fun way.


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After filling out a questionnaire about your goals, study habits and learning style, Lingualift designs a personalized study plan for you and gives you an e-book on how to master your target language. Lessons offer simple grammar tips, new vocabulary, and fun videos. Its most useful feature is that users can send written homework activities to Lingualift instructors for feedback and correction.


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Beelinguapp offers audio recordings of books, news and songs along with transcripts in parallel with the target language and native language of the users. The animation highlights each word read so you can follow it easily. Additional features allow you to save new words, practice flashcards and take comprehension tests.


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Busuu offers complete courses in 12 languages. The app is free, but you must be premium to unlock most of the features and course materials. The app takes you to simple dialogues and questions about dialogues by learning individual words. All of these contain sounds where you can listen to the pronunciation. Lessons are organized into current themes where we learn skills and expressions associated with tasks. Each course also comes with a separate mini “travel course” for those who need to quickly pick up the basics before traveling abroad.

Rosetta Stone

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Rosetta Stone is one of the best apps for learning a language, especially for beginners. Excellent at introducing new words and basic grammar in a compelling way. While learning is going well, you may not even realize how much effort went into creating a program that introduces you to new ideas at the right time. Rosetta Stone also does an excellent job of dedicating you to learning and studying for about 30 minutes a day, with wonderfully clear and structured lessons arranged in a must-follow order.


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If you’ve tried Rosetta Stone before and didn’t feel like it was for you, Fluenz is the best alternative. It’s just as good at teaching beginners and intermediate learners what they need to know about a language, but the teaching approach is completely different. In Fluenz, you get a virtual instructor in short class-style videos. Then you move on to interactive practice modules that are more difficult than Rosetta Stone’s and do not use deductive learning.


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Babbel has a web app and mobile apps that help you learn and practice a new language at your own pace, even if it’s pretty fast. Interactive exercises can be boring at times, but they are also more challenging than most other language apps offer. With Babbel, you learn language-specific concepts, words and phrases at your fingertips; Like most of its competitors, it is not a simple course for every language.


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Pimsleur, who gave the program its name, Dr. It uses a unique teaching method developed by Paul Pimsleur. The Pimsleur method introduces you to words and concepts, makes them repeat, and then waits for a period of time before asking you to remember them again. The idea is that these timed intervals between learning and remembering moments strengthen your memory. Pimsleur courses have great content to boot.


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Thanks to Hello English, which has very useful features for beginners, you can take your language skills to the next level. This application, which has a very large dictionary, also includes lessons in various formats. You can make language learning more enjoyable thanks to various games that can be played within the application. Hello English, which offers many content offline, has a simple design.


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Drops is a mobile application developed by Kahoot that makes learning English easy with different activities. Drops, which has been downloaded by 5 million users, categorizes terms. There are many categories such as animals, plants, basic words, food, and activities are created with the words of the category you want to learn. You can download and use the Drops app for free. You can use the application as you want and you can improve in many language areas, especially your vocabulary.


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Unlike many other language learning apps and services, Yabla takes a video first approach. Diving into Yabla’s content is more like going to YouTube than opening a textbook. You learn by watching videos, some of which are in the style of language learning lessons, but most of them contain interesting content (music videos, cooking episodes, travel shows) in the language you are learning. But what makes Yabla different from YouTube are the interactive questions you can answer after you finish a video to test what you’ve learned.


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Aiming to teach English using qualified resources, Lingualeo is an application that includes TED talks and many articles. These contents produced on different topics can be especially useful for people preparing for language exams. Lingualeo is an application that can give you the opportunity to practice on this subject. The application can also work offline. In this way, it is possible to learn a language without an internet package.


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This application, which teaches English to people with its video-speaking system, allows the development of English skills by communicating with native English speakers. It is a paid application and includes various lessons for children. Many people find it difficult to speak the language even if they have some command of English. Cambly has made the solution to eliminate this problem accessible to everyone.