Best Geomag: our selection of construction games

Best Geomag our selection of construction games

Geomag are magnetic construction toys perfect for developing creativity and stimulating children’s concentration. Mechanics, glitter, color… Discover our original selection at very low prices!

The original concept of the Geomag creative construction game is based on the effects of magnetism exerted between a magnet and metal. The boxes are made up of balls covered with metal to which rods with a magnet at each end adhere. From there, all possibilities are open! Children are free to combine these two elements with their guide to create ever more sophisticated figures.

Geomag is available in several ranges which can incorporate mechanical or flow management elements in order to push the limits of the imagination ever further and arouse children’s curiosity. The objects created become mobile and even more varied. The Geomag Color range, for example, makes it possible to add color to structures, while the Panels offer sets of panels that stabilize constructions and play with volumes. A guide always accompanies the Geomag boxes to give the first ideas of construction.

Mobilizing imagination, reflection and dexterity, the Geomags are generally aimed at little girls and boys from 6 years old. A baby range has been developed for children from 3 years old, with balls and rods of suitable dimensions. Educational in more ways than one, the Geomag game has also been developed in a pro version, for lovers of magnetic effects and spatial geometry!