Best Clash of Clans Tactics

Best Clash of Clans Tactics

Today, the mobile game world has shown a great development. Especially with the fact that everyone has a smartphone, the number of users of the games has increased. In today’s article, we will show you the best tactics in the world of the most downloaded game Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans, one of the most popular mobile strategy games, is home to millions of players today. Especially the competitive environment in the game causes the game to be played by even more users. It is possible to make progress in a simple way in this game. The main thing to pay attention to is to follow the upgrade times correctly and never leave the builders blank.

Builders are the most important element that will enable you to improve in Clash of Clans. Builders help you level up everything in your village. You should use diamonds correctly and maximize your builder count as soon as possible. If the most important role in the development of you as well as the builder is played, it is the attacks we will do. Before attacks, you must train the right unit and complete its upgrades accordingly.

What to Consider for Big in Clash of Clash?

  • Don’t just upgrade the town hall, focus on other things,
  • Do not rush to buy a second gold storage,
  • Do not buy extra storage for the potion at the very beginning of the game,
  • Spend stones only to build builder’s huts,
  • Strengthen your defenses by building builder’s huts in the corners when positioning buildings,
  • As your barracks and army grow, don’t forget to set up laboratories and magic factories,
  • Remember what you need to do in the moment of attack.

We can say that your town hall is your source of life. However, raising it immediately will be harmful to you. First of all, whatever upgrades are available in the village, they should be done, and then the municipality should be upgraded. However, the village layout is more important after level 5. Therefore, after making your Town Hall 5th level, you need to choose the most suitable village layout for you.

clash of clans tactics

Gems are elements in the game that make many challenging tasks easy. Especially the tree, stone, etc. formed around. You can earn gems by destroying the elements. We recommend using these stones only when the builder is buying them. If you need to get stars from the villages, it is necessary to fill the barracks with a fully equipped army. However, if you need resources, you can make accurate attacks with heroes that will go directly to the resource, such as goblins.

There are many clans in Clash of Clans. The clan structure works like a wheel, you can provide soldiers in the same way as you give soldiers for the clan. In addition, you can get great loot with the Clan wars you will participate in. For this, choose to join a good and strong clan and be active in clan events.

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