Best Amazon Prime Series – March 2023

Amazon PrimeThe number of users benefiting from the wonderful privileges of . Because Amazon Prime has beautiful series, and Amazon continues to increase the different content that you can access only on this platform. We’ve compiled this month’s best Amazon Prime series for you. Here are the most watched Amazon Prime series this month…

Amazon Prime Top 10 TV Shows

Carnival Street

The story begins with the war between two hostile countries, Pact and Burgue, to seize the Fairyland and all its riches. At the end of the war, the Burgue was defeated and withdrawn, leaving the Fairyland under the control of the Pact, thus beginning the Pact’s cruel rule of the fairies.

Star Trek: Picard

14 years after retiring from Starfleet, Jean-Luc Picard lives a quiet life at Chateau Picard. However, his peaceful life is interrupted when he is sought after by a mysterious mysterious woman named Dahj. When Picard starts investigating Dahj’s problem, who needs his help, he realizes that Dahj may have a connection to his past and is forced to confront his own.

Daisy Jones & The Six

Daisy Jones & The Six is ​​a mini musical drama series about how the band led by two soloists Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne in the 70s became such a legendary rock and roll band decades later.

Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power

Inspired by JRR Tolkien’s novels, The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power focuses on the Second Age of Middle-earth and takes place thousands of years before the Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings movies. Starting from a period of relative peace, the series tells the saga created by all these lands and characters, from the darkest depths of the Misty Mountains to the majestic forests of Lindon, from the island kingdom of Numenor to the farthest reaches of the map.


Retired police officer Jack Peacher is arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. Suddenly finding himself in the middle of a deadly conspiracy of dirty cops, dark businessmen and scheming politicians, Jack embarks on an uphill battle to uncover the truth.


Sunny, a brilliant small-time artist, is thrown into the high-risk world of counterfeiting when she creates the perfect counterfeit banknote; Michael, a fiery, unorthodox task force officer, wants to save the country from the threat of counterfeiting. Losing is not an option in this exciting cat-and-mouse race.

The Boys

The Boys is set in a universe where superheroes abuse their power and fame. A group of people dedicated to upholding the law, known as “The Boys,” embark on a grueling journey to eliminate corrupt superheroes.


Swarm tells the story of Dre, a young woman obsessed with a fictional pop star. Dre’s obsession with the pop star leads to irreversible decisions and dark consequences.

The Peripheral

Based on Willian Gibson’s sci-fi novel of the same name, the series is about the life of Flynne Fisher, who lives in a rural town in America. In this place where people try to make a living with the drug trade, Flynne Fisher doesn’t choose this path and works in a 3D printing store. But his main occupation is playing online games. While testing a video game, Flynne discovers a secret connection that leads to a completely different reality, thus taking a step into a dark future he does not know.

Jack Ryan of Tom Clancys

Up-and-coming CIA analyst Jack Ryan embarks on a dangerous field mission after he uncovers a terrorist communications pattern that puts him at the center of a dangerous gamble.