Benco V80s Comes Without Camera!

Benco V80s Comes Without Camera Cepkolik


from smartphone brands bencorecently announced its new smartphone, the V80s. Benco V80sIt comes with no camera and no GPS feature. It is stated that the main purpose of this is privacy-oriented.

Benco’s V80 series will be on the shelves without any camera system and privacy-focused GPS receiver. also 6.5 inch IPS LCD It will have a screen. Unisoc SC9863A chipset and 5000mAp with battery capacity Benco V80sAlthough it does not have a front camera, the front with a drop notch looks really interesting.

Benco V80s offers you a sufficient opportunity to make calls and talk with 4G support. There is also WiFi support. There is a fingerprint reader sensor from the back of the screen and the speaker section under the device. Benco V80s with Android 11, 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM have the option.

Also Benco V80s, microSD card support It allows to increase the storage space. I think the V80 series will be available in silver and blue color options. There is no word yet on which markets the Benco V80 series will be available in and pricing.

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