Ben Affleck cult film has been ‘held hostage’ for years and nobody wants to pay the ransom’

Ben Affleck cult film has been held hostage for years

In the streaming age, movies have become easier and faster available to many people than ever before. Hollywood cinema in particular is very well covered. Every now and then there are films that no streaming service let find. Not even as a purchase or loan title. The most recent example: dogma.

Kevin Smith’s 1999 cult film is well-known, popular… and unavailable on any streaming service. The filmmaker now reveals to The Wrap why that is. Former film producer Harvey Weinstein is clinging to the film rights and demands an outrageous sumto release them.

Dogma with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon: Harvey Weinstein does not release the Kevin Smith film

Weinstein was once a big name in Hollywood before numerous sexual assaults were made public by the MeToo movement. Now he’s in jail and… holds dogma hostageas Smith puts it. “My film about angels belongs to the devil”the director and actor is quoted as saying in The Wrap’s report.

Although Smith doesn’t like the idea of ​​paying Weinstein money, he tried to buy the rights to Dogma. Weinstein demands an exorbitant sum: $5 million. Smith says he can’t afford it. Last but not least, the film is not worth that much in the streaming age. But Weinstein does not give up.

If you want to see Dogma up-to-date, you have to fall back on the few DVD and Blu-ray offers that still exist. While the DVD is currently 23 euros on Amazon, you have to shell out 80 euros for the Blu-ray. That should work not change in the foreseeable future. The price will probably even go up.

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Are you already desperate in search of dogma?