Belarus: a day to remember political prisoners

Belarus a day to remember political prisoners

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How to continue to exist, to protest, when in Belarus any dissonant expression has become impossible. Faced with repression, and its muzzling, the Belarusian opposition is therefore reinventing itself outside the borders to fight against the regime of Alexander Lukashenko after his defeat in the presidential election, more than a year ago. Example with this day of solidarity with Belarusian prisoners. Celebrated tomorrow (November 27, 2021), for the opposition, it is a way not to forget the hundreds of citizens who are still behind bars and to continue to demand their release. Report from our correspondent in Vilnius, Marielle Vitureau.

It has been almost a year since the UK left the European Trade and Customs Union, disrupting all store supply chains. Because since January 1, 2022, goods from Great Britain must be checked. The European country which has undergone the most changes is Ireland: still in the EU but neighboring the United Kingdom. The port of Dublin, for example, geographically, just opposite Wales, had to find new direct routes to Europe. The report ofEmeline Wine.

It is a story of theft that stains in relations between the United States and Romania, especially since the country is considered to be NATO’s main outpost in Eastern Europe. . $ 2 million worth of diesel flew from an American base on the Black Sea. Generators, siphoned off for 4 years by well-organized thieves. The explanations of Benjamin Ribout in Bucharest.

Direction Serbia. Ada Ciganlija is a natural paradise, where the inhabitants of the capital like to have a good time, far from the hustle and bustle of the city and soon connected to the Belgrade metro. Guided tour with our correspondent Simon Rico.

The music chronicle of Vincent Theval : The Parrots with the single Maldito.