Beirut in creation with Rana Haddad

Beirut in creation with Rana Haddad

What can capital letter art do in the face of a bomb explosion? What can the artist’s genius do in a Beirut at war? But also and finally, what can war do in the face of imagination? There is no shortage of questions without answers.

But it turns out that some artists know what to do with debris, scars and suffering, far from speeches, schools and institutions. Rana Haddad, For example. An architect by training, his vision of the world does not fit into any box. Crossed shortly after When the inconceivable takes shape (exhibition at the Cité Internationale des arts in Paris) this artist who knows what to do with a theater chair or an exile’s suitcase has something to tell us about the art of misappropriation.

Rana Haddad’s musical choices

Yasmine Hamdan Get it right

Steve Reich Six marimbas

Fairuz Aateni el nay we ghany

Marcel Khalife Rita