Beeper acquired by Automattic, owner of WordPress

Beeper acquired by Automattic owner of WordPress

Trying to bring iMessage to Android Beeper, was acquired by the owner of WordPress. 125 million dollars were paid for this. being transferred.

Owner of WordPress, which is the basis of millions of websites, and also owner of Tumblr. automaticwith a huge payment of 125 million dollars Became the new owner of Beeper company. In the final stage WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Google Chat, Messenger and more so Beeper, which offers a solution that brings together all major messaging services, will not be closed under the umbrella of Automattic, and will even be opened to everyone and carried into the future. Signaling that they will work to establish the future of communication in an open structure, Automattic last October It acquired the all-in-one messaging app for $50 million. In the new period, Kishan Bagaria, the founder of, will be the head of the “Messaging” department within Automattic and will work on Beeper by bringing together the and Beeper teams. It is not certain yet, but it looks like the side will be closed in the new period.


If you missed it, the newest application that incorporates the iMessage infrastructure into Android was released at the end of last year. Beeper Mini had happened. The app works without the need to sign in with Apple ID or run iMessage on a server. It was an app that brought iMessage to Android And it was actually working. After the seven-day trial period of the application, there is a monthly usage fee of $2. was located, The official statement about Beeper Mini was as follows: “Beeper Mini is a full-featured chat app designed for chatting with your iPhone-using friends. When your iPhone friends send you a message, the message bubble appears blue. Mini protects your chats with end-to-end encryption. No Apple ID required.” Apple later did not like this practice and the company blocked the Beeper Mini.

by Apple Beeper Mini The official statement about had happened: “At Apple, we enhance our products and services with industry-leading privacy and security technologies designed to give users complete control over their data and keep personal information safe. In this context We have taken steps to protect our users by blocking techniques that use fraudulent credentials to access iMessage. B.These techniques pose significant threats to user security and privacy, including the risk of exposing key metadata and enabling spam messages and phishing attacks. We will continue to make updates to this issue in the future to protect our users..”