“Becoming Karl Lagerfeld”, a project all to the glory of the “Kaiser” of couture

Becoming Karl Lagerfeld a project all to the glory of

It’s the year of great fashion designers on the small screen. After the mentions of the Italian Versace, the Spaniard Cristobal Balenciaga and the French Christian Dior, it is Karl Lagerfeld’s turn to be at the center of a mini-series. Broadcast on the Disney+ platform, “Becoming Karl Lagerfeld” retraces in 6 episodes the advent of the great German fashion designer who experienced a meteoric rise from the 1970s at Chloé, before dusting off Chanel and launching his own brand.

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Fashion is made of passions and betrayals », the poster tells us. To take the phrase literally, who better than Lagerfeld possessed the cocktail of ambition, nastiness and glamor to titillate the general public. Disappeared in 2019, the man had largely contributed to forging his legend, with his dark glasses, his powdered ponytail, his ego as oversized as his ambition and his sharp mind.

The series begins in 1972, Lagerfeld is still unknown to the general public, and he is consumed with jealousy at the success of his friend and rival Yves Saint Laurent. Between clan rivalries, parties and decadence, toxic love affairs with the dandy Jacques de Bascher, the story follows the rise of the man who many years later would become the artistic director of the house of Chanel.

The aesthetic is polished, the decors “seventies”, and the casting prestigious. It is the German Daniel Brühl who embodies the “Kaiser” of couture. This, and also the desire to discover the world of fashion and behind the scenes manage to thwart the somewhat conventional side of this project all to the glory of Lagerfeld.

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