Because of a film I was terribly afraid of wind as a child – now there’s a sequel

After 28 years, a well-known disaster film from the 90s is getting a sequel. MeinMMO author Linda associates this with a childhood fear and fans are looking forward to the new film.

What film is this about? Twisters is the sequel to a disaster film from 1996. The film is produced by makers who are also behind the popular Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones series. It is scheduled to open in cinemas on July 19, 2024.

The sequel was presented with Daisy Edgar Jones (Fresh) and Glen Powell (Top Gun: Maverick) at the Super Bowl. The two actors take on the roles of two “storm chasers” who venture dangerously close to storms and tornadoes.

The first trailer for the sequel shows that this is still pretty dangerous even after almost 30 years:

Popular disaster film of the 90s is now getting a sequel

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Fans of the classic from the 90s in particular were probably a little confused by this trailer. Because in many places the trailer is very reminiscent of Twister. Nevertheless, it quickly became clear that this was a sequel and not a remake.

The trailer reminds me, above all, of a great fear from my childhood that the first part triggered. I saw the film back in elementary school and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone today.

Although I learned what tornadoes were from Twister, I also developed a real fear of strong winds. Similarly, many people write in their comments (via YouTube) about their memories associated with Twister:

  • BuckyBarnesATL writes: “My 12 year old self back in 1996 is so excited about this. I always wished they would do another one.”
  • eurydicefiori865 writes: “The cow flying across the road in the first film is still iconic.”
  • user-jb3ci7qn6q writes: “I admit it, this is one of the VHSs I watched over and over again as a child.”
  • Twisters will be a sequel and not a remake: Even though the trailer contains a few similar scenes, the story is a continuation of the first part.

    Not much is known about the story yet. However, a young storm chaser who is testing new technologies and studying storms meets the charming social media star, who is also a storm chaser.

    In the trailer you can see how the new storm chasers use modern technology to get the most out of the moment. For example, they drill deep into the ground to anchor their car and experience the storm directly from the middle.

    They also briefly talk about how to defeat a storm, whereupon many small drones fly into the storm. After that, everything just seems to get worse in the trailer. Whether these little drones ultimately made everything worse or whether someone simply edited it well can only be said when the film is shown in cinemas.

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