Be careful if you are a Canal+ customer: several increases will increase the price of your subscription, in particular because of a VAT increase. Watch your schedule to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Be careful if you are a Canal customer several increases

Be careful if you are a Canal+ customer: several increases will increase the price of your subscription, in particular because of a VAT increase. Watch your schedule to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Bad news for Canal+ subscribers! The price of the subscription will increase significantly by January 2023: and the group has even already applied increases to certain formulas since October. In question, the increase in the prices of streaming video services like Netflix or Disney +, included in certain formulas. But also, a change in the VAT rate announced in June by Bercy. While Canal+ tried to negotiate a tax reduction of 5.5% instead of the 10% applied until then, the tax authorities decided to increase it to 20%, considering that the activities of the audiovisual group were increasingly close to SVOD services. No reason for the channel not to have the same rate as Netflix, Disney++ and the others – it does, however, benefit from a much more advantageous media chronology, due to the fact that Canal finances French cinema. Very logically, this increase is reflected in the price of subscriptions, and in priority on those without commitment. It has already taken place for certain formulas and it should, in the long term, concern all Canal+ subscriptions.

Canal+ subscription: a general increase from January 2023?

The increases applied by Canal+ are not insignificant. Thus, if the Canal + Essential package goes from 19.90 to 22 euros, the sub-formula + Cine Series including Netflix, Disney + and OCS sees its price increase from 5.50 to 11 euros! Ditto for the Ciné Séries Pack – which gives access to cinema channels and series – which doubles, from 11.50 to 22 euros. And the surprise is even worse for some subscribers: thus, a customer taking advantage of the Canal+ offer – 26 years old with the Ciné Séries and Netflix Premium options at 39.40 euros discovered that he was going to go up to 59.50 euros per month !

Some Canal+ subscribers to a non-binding formula have already had the unpleasant surprise of seeing its price increase. This is the case for the Pack Ciné Series subscription for those under 26. The channel sent an email to the people concerned at the end of October. Previously displayed at €20.49 per month, the bill now stands at €22.99 per month. Then came the turn, at the beginning of October, of the Canal+ & Disney+ Limited Series offer. This is a non-binding formula that normally costs 24.99 euros per month. Again, an e-mail to users to tell them that it goes to 27.99 euros per month.

Unsurprisingly, the other offers were expected to follow. However, some people have already complained about forums that they had observed fairly significant increases from January 2023, but without having received any message to warn them. A user explains that his Canal+ Essential subscription, with the + family option and The Family Pack normally costs him 24 euros per month: from January 2023, he will have to pay 38.50 euros per month! Ditto for other subscribers! Fortunately, it seems to be due to a technical error, since prices have been changed again : he will finally pay “only” 28 euros per month – an increase already more in line with the new VAT.

Canal+ price hike: watch the schedule

First of all, remember that this type of increase only applies to people who have subscribed to a non-binding offer. Otherwise, it is a breach of contract and the user then has the right to terminate it. For others, all you have to do is go to your schedule in your customer area and look at the upcoming invoices.

► Using a web browser, go to the website of myCanal and login to your account.

► Go to your customer area.

► Click on Manage my subscription.

► In the section Total next direct debitclick on See the schedule details.

► At the top right, click on the arrow pointing to the right to view upcoming bills.

► Observe the Totalindicated in bold, to see if the price of your subscription increases, and from when.