Battery capacities for the iPhone 16 family have been leaked

iPhone 17 family may come with an anti reflective screen

Battery capacities for the iPhone 16 family have been leaked. In the family consisting of four different models, there is a change in the battery compared to the iPhone 15s will be.

According to the new leak, the iPhone 16 is 6 percent larger than the iPhone 15. 3,561mAh battery it could be. Interestingly, the 16 Plus is 9 percent smaller than the iPhone 15 Plus. Could be 4,006 mAh battery. The 16 Pro is 2.5 percent larger than the iPhone 15 Pro, 3.355 mAh battery it could be. The 16 Pro Max is 5 percent larger than the iPhone 15 Pro Max, 4,676 mAh battery space can be given. The iPhone 16 family, which will be introduced at the end of the summer, according to the claim made last week Border Reduction Structure (BRS) With its technology, it can be installed on thinner frames than the iPhone 15s. It is stated that the 15 and 16 Plus will not be deprived of this technology. AppleWith the mentioned technology, it can push the limits in terms of screen-to-body ratio. Apple, which has reportedly wanted to use the BRS system before but experienced some problems, continues to reduce the frame thickness regularly, and this is always well received.


Previously released fresh information brings BRS technology back to the agenda, unlike previous ones, BRS may not be in every iPhone 16. being transferred. Of course, there is also other information on the agenda for the family. Bigger, not 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch like the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max 6.3-inch And iPhone 16 Pro to be built on 6.9-inch 120 Hz OLED screens and at the same time 16 Pro Max, within their structure “Capture” They will carry an extra button called . That’s why the mmWave antenna that makes high-speed 5G possible on phones is being relocated, and the duties of this extra button include According to Mark Gurman, quick start of video recording is also included.

It is claimed that this button will be designed on the basis of pressure sensing and will be almost flush with the body, meaning it will not protrude. Gladly, Apple, which is said to put this useful new button on all models, not just Pros, according to new information. capture It will combine touch and pressure detection on the button. It is said that users can zoom in by scrolling on the button, It is once again stated that you can focus with a light touch and shoot with a harder touch.. In other words, the button, which will work like the shutter release on cameras and will most likely love this detail, will not have a mechanical basis.