Basketball: Ireland’s basketball ladies refused to shake hands ahead of European qualifiers with Israel

Israeli player Dor Saar declared on Wednesday that the Irish team was “quite anti-Semitic”, sparking anger in the Irish camp.

The Irish FA informed the European Confederation that it felt falsely accused and therefore did not intend to participate in pre-match ceremonies played in Riga due to the war between Hamas and Israel.

There were plans for Ireland to boycott the match, but risking heavy fines and perhaps being excluded from the tournament.

Would ruin ten years ahead

– It would destroy the national team’s international game over the next ten years, said Irish basketball point guard John Feehan, according to the BBC.

The Israeli situation accused Ireland of not respecting the sport and what it stands for.

Israel won 87-57 on Thursday night.

– We have to show that we are better than them and win. We talk about it among ourselves. We know they don’t love us and we will always give everything on the pitch and especially in this match, said Dor Saar before the victory match.