BASKETBALL. France – Canada: the French women severely beaten, the summary

BASKETBALL France Canada the French women severely beaten the

FRANCE-CANADA. The French concede their first defeat of the 2022 Basketball World Cup this Friday, September 23 after a significant setback against the Canadians (45-59).

12:10 – The summary of the match

Les Bleues do not confirm in this 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup. After a great victory against Australia on the first day of Group B, Jean-Aimé Toupane’s players came up against the Canadians (45-59). The first period was especially marked by the lack of address of the two teams. The French were 7/35 to shoot and 0/10 to three points. They finish the first act with 17 small points and the best French scorer was at four points. Opposite, Canada did not necessarily play better than their opponents but they accelerated a few cables from the end of the first act. An action shows it. Carleton shoots three points, makes her basket and a foul is called for one of her teammates, giving the North Americans additional possession. On this action, the Canadians took five points. At halftime, Canada was leading by 12 points against France (29-17) despite a 9/38 shot. In the second half, the two teams set their sights a little more but in this little game, the advantage turned in favor of the Canadians. The North Americans have always been able to keep their opponents at a distance of 12-15 points on average leaving the French unable to chain a good series. In the end, the Bleues finish at 19/62 in shooting and a terrible 3/19 at three points. Jean-Aimé Toupane’s team will have to raise their heads against Mali this Sunday.

11:57 – Gaby Williams top scorer

Gaby Williams will have, despite the defeat, played good basketball again today. After her 23 points scored against Australia yesterday, the leader of Les Bleues scored 13 in this France – Canada.

11:52 – Les Bleues are fourth

After two games in this 2022 Women’s World Cup, Les Bleues are fourth in Group B after a defeat in this France – Canada. They have three points, as many as Serbia and Japan, while the Canadians take a big option on qualifying for the quarter-finals.

11:47 – It’s over! The Blues bow

It’s over with this France – Canada! Les Bleues are severely beaten on this second day of Group B of this 2022 World Cup (45-59).

11:43 – Fauthoux at three points

Marine Fauthoux scores her first three-point basket from France – Canada.

11:41 – New loss of French ball

Chartereau misses her transmission and returns the ball to the Canadians in this France – Canada. The mass seems to be said now while the Blues are in the penalty and each foul they commit sends the Canadians on the line.

11:39 – Alexander still on the line

Keyla Alexander gets another foul and goes, again in this France – Canada, on the free throw line. The ASVEL player gives hers a 14-point lead against Les Bleues (42-56).

11:35 – Time out for Toupane

Jean-Aimé Toupane asks for a new time out in this France – Canada. Les Bleues are 13 points behind with 3 minutes 23 to go (40-53).

11:34 – Chartereau scores a three-point basket

Chartereau converts a three-point basket and brings Les Bleues to 11 points in this France – Canada four minutes from the end (40-51).

11:32 – 1/2 for Alexander

Keyla Alexander advances on the line of the free throws but succeeds only one out of two. Behind the rebound is Canadian but the Lapena players do not score.

11:29 – More clumsiness

What a pity for the Bleues who could have come closer to 11 points on this loss of ball in defense of the Canadians but Fauthoux does not manage to finish under the circle. Victor Lapena asks for a time out in this France – Canada while there are five minutes left in this game.

11:26 – Good defense of the French

The French force the Canadians to shoot in an impossible situation and recover the ball in this France – Canada. In the process, they return to -13 (37-50).

11:24 – Chery three-pointer

Kendra Chery succeeds in her first shot of the tournament in this France – Canada.

11:23 – What a shot from Fields

Fields is in a big day on the occasion of this France – Canada. She returns an exceptional three-point shot. She is at 14 points in this meeting.

11:21 – The first points of this fourth quarter

Amihere puts the first points of this last quarter of this France – Canada. That’s +17 for Victor Lapena’s players (47-30).

11:18 – It’s the end of the third quarter

The buzzer sounds in the Sydney SuperDome in this France – Canada. Les Bleues are trailing by 15 points against the Canadians with 10 minutes left to play (30-45).

11:16 – Canadian offensive foul

Les Bleues pose problems for Canadians in this third quarter of this France – Canada. Achonwa is guilty of an offensive fault while the players of Jean-Aimé Toupane came back to 13 points (30-43).

11:12 – Superb action from Williams

Gaby Williams enters the key, gets the foul and scores a two-point basket. She succeeds in her free throw in stride in this France – Canada. -15 for the Blues (28-43).

11:10 – A time out for Canada

The Canadian coach asks for a new timeout in this France – Canada while the French are a little better in this meeting of the second day of Group B of the World Cup.

11:08 – Things are better for France

Les Bleues are doing better in this France – Canada like this shot by Gaby Williams which brings the French to -14 (25-39).

11:05 – Colley’s three-point shot

New three-point shot for Colley in this France – Canada which puts the Blues 20 points behind.

11:03 – Still no French point in the second period

After two minutes played in this third quarter of this France – Canada, the Blues have still not scored. They are trailing by 17 points (17-34).

11:00 – The Canadians unlock the counter in the second period

The first basket of this second period of France – Canada is a three-point basket for the Canadians who take a 15-point lead (17-32).

10:58 – Let’s go for the second period

It’s back to Sydney for this France – Canada. Les Bleues must react after a first period marked by the lack of address. Jean-Aimé Toupane’s players are trailing by 12 points (29-17).

10:43 – It’s half time! Les Bleues largely led

The Canadians finished the first period of this France – Canada very well and took a 12-point lead at half-time in this second game for Les Bleues in this 2022 World Cup (29-17).